Addictions We Treat at Our Addiction Recovery Center

Addictions We Treat at our Addiction Recovery Center in Los Angeles, CA


The Discovery House addiction recovery center takes exceptional pride in helping every resident overcome their addiction. Each addiction program is individualized to fit the specific needs of that client, increasing the chances of sustaining long-term recovery and a sober lifestyle.

We use a myriad of innovative techniques and addiction treatment therapies, along with  addiction therapy 12 step, a  family program nutrition treatment, and also a program for treating  co-occurring disorders.

Addictions We Treat at Our Addiction Recovery Center:

At The Discovery House, we understand the challenges that come with drug or alcohol addiction, because we’ve helped thousands of others with similar burdens on their journey to hope and recovery. We’re here so that no one has to face this journey alone. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to help individuals rediscover their lives.

Halcion Addiction Treatment: When battling a Halcion addiction, a helping hand is needed to find sobriety. Trust our specialized treatment programs to provide the support and guidance needed to regain control.

Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment: Overcoming benzodiazepine addiction and rediscovering a fulfilling life is possible with our evidence-based therapies and the compassionate care of our extendsive staff.

Codeine Addiction Treatment: Our team is here to assist in breaking free from codeine addiction, offering a comprehensive approach to healing.

Crack Addiction Treatment: Crack addiction shouldn’t hold anyone back from leading the life they want to live. Discover the path to recovery with our tailored treatment programs.

Ecstasy Addiction Treatment: Our caring professionals are ready to help overcome ecstasy addiction and find a brighter future.

Heroin Addiction Treatment: We offer holistic heroin addiction treatment that addresses the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of recovery.

Methadone Addiction Treatment: Our doctors, therapists, and caretakers act as the guides towards a life free from methadone addiction through our personalized treatment plans.

Morphine Addiction Treatment: Rediscover a life free from morphine addiction with the support and care provided by our experienced team.

Opiate Addiction Treatment: The opiate addiction treatment programs offered by The Discovery House are designed to provide the medical and emotional support needed to break free from the cycle of dependency.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment: Find renewed hope and purpose with our comprehensive oxycodone addiction treatment services.

Steroids Addiction Treatment: Break the chains of steroids addiction and discover a healthier, happier life through our individualized treatment approach.

Suboxone Addiction Treatment: If you’re grappling with Suboxone addiction, our tailored treatment programs in Los Angeles are designed to offer the support and expertise necessary for recovery. Let our experienced team guide you towards a sober and healthier life.

At The Discovery House, we believe that anyone has the potential for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Our team of compassionate doctors, therapists, and caretakers in the Los Angeles area is dedicated to providing the tools, support, and resources needed to overcome drug addiction and discover a brighter future. No one needs to be alone in the journey to recovery; we are here to help every step of the way and remain as a resource even after recovery has been achieved.

If you or your loved one are suffering from an addiction, The Discovery House’s luxury rehab facilities in Los Angeles and addiction treatment therapies are the best option for caring, effective treatment. Our long-term treatment centers for addiction are regarded by many to be among the nation’s best. We have an expanded staff that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to carefully guide each client through each phase of our program from start to finish, plus our team of Certified Substance Abuse Counselors keeps a 4 client to 1 counselor ratio so each resident receives help they need while getting to the core issues that led to their addiction.

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