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Looking for an effective meth addiction treatment program center for you or a loved one? The Discovery House in Los Angeles is accepting new admits to our effective, life-changing recovery program. Meth can be difficult to quit, but we know that with the right approach, lasting recovery is possible. At our leading meth treatment center, we have a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment that helps support recovery at every step. We have assisted thousands on their journey to a fulfilling sober life, and we are ready to work alongside any new admits to support recovery. Our encouraging staff understands the situation many addicts find themselves in, and our specialized treatment plans have proven themselves with high success rates and supportive continued care once clean. Our individualized approach has made us a leading meth addiction treatment program center, and our team would love to offer support in anyone’s battle with addiction.

Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction is among the most severe drug addictions in the country. It produces a euphoric feeling, added alertness and confidence to completely take over a brain’s reward system. People quite often become addicted to meth after only a single use, as the rush of dopamine leads to cravings for more that engulf a person’s life and well-being. Fortunately, there is effective meth addiction treatment at The Discovery House that can help individuals overcome their addiction and regain control of their lives.


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What is Methamphetamine?

Meth (or methamphetamine) is a very powerful stimulant that has toxic and long-lasting effects on the body and the brain. It has an exceptionally high potential for abuse. Beating an addiction to this drug is extremely difficult and should not be attempted alone. Meth often is in a powdery form with a white color and can be snorted, injected or consumed orally, while crystal meth is highly potent and can be smoked. If you or a loved one is struggling with a meth addiction, seeking help through professional meth addiction treatment at a recovery center like The Discovery House in Los Angeles is crucial for successful recovery. These centers offer a variety of services such as detoxification, individual and group therapy, and medication-assisted treatment.

The Risks of Methamphetamine Addiction

Using meth boosts blood pressure and heart rate up to half an hour. After this rush, users of meth go through a high that lasts between 4-12 hours. Meth is known for its affordability, and combined with the aforementioned effects, leads abusers to binge when using. Users often abuse meth over a course of a few days and eventually need to consume more of the drug to feel their normal high. If left untreated, meth addiction can lead to severe physical and mental health issues, including tooth decay, skin sores, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, and even psychosis. This is why it’s important to seek help from professional meth addiction treatment at The Discovery House.

The Body on Methamphetamines:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Dental problems
  • Sores and scabs on skin and face
  • Reduced motor skills
  • Impaired verbal skills
  • Alertness
  • Elation
  • Talkativeness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Empathy
  • Long-term harm to brain and can even lead to death

Find Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction

If you or your loved one uses meth, there are resources at your disposal to get help. The Discovery House is among the best recovery centers in California that offers meth addiction treatment by using our luxury rehab facilities and addiction treatment programs to equip our residents for long-term recovery.

Our appealing facility is beautifully furnished and landscaped and provides the perfect environment to reflect and relax during recovery. We understand how important environment can be in meth addiction treatment, and our facility encourages productive behaviors that help our clients make fundamental changes to their lifestyles. We utilize evidence-based methods in our meth addiction treatment, and our compassionate staff is here to assist in the journey to a new sober life. Our tailored holistic care creates healthy habits and pinpoints underlying problems that led to addiction, helping to avoid relapse.

Visit our luxury meth addiction treatment program center in Southern California to begin the journey toward recovery with meth addiction treatment. We are currently accepting new admits, and we would love to assist on the path to a new life.

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