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Rehab Admissions

Drug and Alcohol Admissions

The admissions process is the first step in entering an inpatient drug rehab center. Our expert drug and alcohol admissions staff is ready to assist you in any way necessary and to provide you with information about insurance options and everything else you will need to know regarding recovery at our luxury rehab facilities.

What Happens During the Admissions Process?

At The Discovery House long term treatment centers for addiction, we do all we can to make the drug and alcohol admissions process a smooth, comfortable transition into our residential facility. Here is a look at our admissions process.

Checking into the Residential Drug Treatment Center

You will arrive at The Discovery House drug treatment center, and our rehab addiction specialists will help you check-in. In general, you will be asked to bring certain personal items for your stay, and staff will ensure that no drugs, alcohol, or other potentially harmful substances enter the facility. You will be given a drug test as you are admitted to determine what substances you are using, and tests throughout your stay will be done to be sure you are staying sober.

One-on-One Assessment for Drug Addiction Treatment

You will then be taken to our consulting physician or a local hospital, following which you will meet with counsellors to give a complete and thorough history of your substance abuse and related background. It is important for residents of addiction treatment programs to be as open and honest as possible during the alcohol and drug rehab admissions process. The assessment process will ensure that you get the care you need for complete healing.

We Tailor Addiction Treatment Programs – Just For You

Once your rehab addiction specialists have a basic picture of you as an individual, they will help design  addiction treatment programs to meet your specific needs. Our Certified Counsellors are here to serve you, and with your help and input, we can give you the best care and offer you the best chance at recovery. We meet with individuals and  families at the beginning of treatment to ensure everyone’s needs are being taken care of and to help residents know  what to expect from their recovery.

Why Choose The Discovery House?

We offer a variety of addiction treatment services and programs that when used together can help residents work through their underlying issues. Through our sub-acute detox program, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and alumni program, The Discovery House offers a full continuum of care. As one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in the country, we are fully licensed. Our caring staff shows compassion, dignity and respect to all our residents, and we offer a comfortable atmosphere for recovery.

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