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Meet The Discovery House Team

The Discovery House ranks among the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in the country. Our drug and alcohol treatment center staff is composed of certified professionals who dedicate their lives to the successful long-term recovery of each client. We have on staff certified counselors and an administration team to help you every step of the way.

This group of caring and compassionate individuals are committed to providing the most effective treatment for each resident. Each professional collaborates with the others to provide top quality care at our long-term treatment centers for addiction. Our addiction treatment services team brings years of experience to the program to help residents achieve lifelong sobriety.

What sets The Discovery House apart is the attitude of our staff and the experiences that each one brings to the program. We use an eclectic approach to treatment, combining different, proven techniques that are facilitated by our caring staff members.

Management Team:

Tom Whiting

Tom Whiting


Tom Whiting has over 25 years of experience in the addiction recovery field. From working on his recovery to owning a sober living home and being the chair of the San Fernando Valley Sober Living Coalition; Tom has been relentless in his pursuit to improve the lives of those struggling from the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Due to his successful career in home construction and his keen insight into the shortcomings of other treatment programs, Tom has been able to build The Discovery House from the ground up to meet all the needs of addiction treatment. As Executive Director, he works tirelessly to ensure that The Discovery House maintains the highest level of care.


McKay Whiting


McKay Whiting oversees the Admissions and Intake Department, processing all admission calls and providing necessary information about services, programs, and treatment. McKay brings years of both personal and professional experience working in addiction and recovery. She has tremendous passion and enthusiasm for facilitating residents and their families in making the life-altering changes necessary to begin the process of healing. Often the first point of contact at The Discovery House, McKay is highly skilled at immediate crisis intervention and always brings compassion and understanding to individuals and family members.

Dr. Walter Thomas, ASAM, FAAFP

Medical Director

Dr. Walter Thomas is board certified in both Addiction Medicine and Family Medicine. He was a member of the first group of physicians to pass the original certification exam offered by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Thomas has served as medical director for numerous hospital-based and residential treatment centers. He has lectured extensively to both medical professionals and patients on the treatment of addictive diseases. He is currently the chairman of the physician well-being committee in both local hospitals. Dr. Thomas’s extensive foundation of knowledge and over 30 years of experience provide an innovative approach to the field of chemical dependency that offers life-changing outcomes.


Matthew Longoria, CADC-II, CDS

Clinical Director

Matthew has been working in the field of addiction treatment since 2013. “I entered this profession due to a strong desire and passion to see people released from their addiction and begin to live a life of freedom and purpose. Too often people are trapped in their cycle of addiction and cannot envision a life that has meaning.  It is fulfilling and rewarding to see people begin to live within their God-given talents and abilities.”

We have been blessed and honored to have Matt be a part of The Discovery House team since 2014. He’s built a foundation of knowledge and experience by holding positions such as client advocate, counselor, as well as utilization and review. It’s this variety of experience that has allowed him to become the best fit to serve and empower our clients and staff.

Brandon Berry, CADC, CCS

Program Director

Brandon brings over thirteen years of addiction treatment experience which he applies to unite all the different moving parts of our growing treatment center. In addition to his vast experience, he also received his BA in human behavior and is currently working toward his Masters in Psychology at Ryokan College. Brandon oversees operations, clinical teams, and overall safety. He also interacts with clients on a daily basis and meets with family members when they come in for weekly family therapy groups on Saturdays.

The Discovery House believes that meeting the addicted person where they are is essential in treating their addiction. This is a philosophy which Brandon shares in his client approach. “The way I connect with clients is very Freudian – it’s the wounded healer approach. I don’t take a stance of ‘I’m better.’ Instead, I try to walk a journey with them. I’m not better, smarter, or sober longer. It’s not about taking an expert stance; it’s about taking the journey with them.”








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