About The Discovery House

The Discovery House is a Joint Commission-accredited, the luxury treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction located in Southern California. Being the premier Los Angeles rehab center for you or your loved one to receive treatment and care. We serve the Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Woodland Hills and Santa Monica communities, but also welcome individuals from across the country. At The Discovery House, we treat the whole individual, mind, body, and spirit with our addiction treatment programs. We provide our residents with a specialized treatment plan designed to meet their individual needs, choices, and concerns. Counselors at our long term luxury treatment center for addiction maintain a 3-1 client to counselor ratio, allowing them ample time to spend each individual. Also, we retain an expanded staff to ensure that our highly credentialed treatment team can deliver the highest level care.

Luxury Treatment Center

Our beautifully landscaped homes are built from the ground up for the residential treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. This makes it easier for residents to commit to treatment in a private, homelike environment. While patients benefit from the serene location, we know that effective drug and alcohol treatment is not a vacation. It is a process that lacks completion unless it includes successful and addiction free reentry into the “real” world. At The Discovery House luxury treatment center, we meet every resident where they are and address the underlying core issues that cause addiction and those factors that contribute to addictive patterns, including depression, anxiety, and other disorders.

As one of America’s best luxury treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction, The Discovery House is Joint Commission accredited. This accreditation means that our luxury rehab facilities

meet the same quality control and inspection standards as a hospital. We are also licensed with the state of California and with both the state and the federal government to conduct drug tests. Each of our certifications ensures that we provide the highest quality of care to all of our residents. We are dedicated to providing a full continuum of addiction recovery services – detox through residential treatment and outpatient.

Overview of Our Treatment Center

  • Licensed by the State of California
  • Joint Commission Accredited
  • Integrated treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, grief/loss, bipolar disorder, secondary eating issues, personality disorders and psychological trauma
  • Intervention services, sober escort and travel support
  • Comprehensive, free treatment assessments
  • Sub-acute, clinically supervised detox
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • 12-Step meetings
  • Innovative therapies including Psychodrama and Music Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Recovery planning for relapse prevention and continuing care
  • Active alumni program and aftercare* UCLA study published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in 2005

Caring, Compassionate Staff

At The Discovery House, our mission is to save and restore lives. Our staff is comprised of compassionate professionals, providing residents with solutions for the physical, psychological, sociological, emotional and spiritual issues they struggle to address. Our addiction professionals therapists, and counselors understand the process of long term recovery and bring a vast spectrum of knowledge to the treatment process. At The Discovery House, we give our residents the tools to achieve lifelong sobriety and create new lives filled with meaning, purpose, fulfillment and a sense of belonging. Our staff members come from different backgrounds and bring a variety of methods to our program. This eclectic approach allows us to provide residents with proven techniques that will be effective for all their needs. All of our rehab addiction specialists are dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction recover with dignity and respect. We walk residents through the entire recovery process so that each individual knows what to expect from our program. Our admissions staff helps residents understand insurance coverage and payment options.

At The Discovery House luxury addiction center, we keep our caseloads at three residents to every one counselor and certified counselors are present at our facility 24 hours a day. The Discovery House is equipped for sub-acute detox, and through our resident-based approach to recovery, we help the individual define and meet his or her goals for a new life. We also have a strong alumni program that helps prevent relapse.

Treatment Methods

The Discovery House offers alcohol addiction treatment, drug addiction treatment, treatment for heroin addiction, and treatment for opiate addiction.

Our drug treatment center uses a variety of methods to help residents recover. Our addiction treatment services include the 12 steps for recovery, co-occurring disorders treatment, and a nutrition program. Our family program uses a variety of treatment methods to help meet the distinct needs of each individual and their family.  At The Discovery House, we know that when one member of the family struggles with a drug or alcohol addiction, everyone suffers.

Contact us via our form or by calling 818.666.3083 for more information about The Discovery House and what we stand for. Our admissions staff is standing by to assist you with questions about our programs.