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Morphine Addiction Treatment


Morphine is among the most potent opiates known among all drugs. Many users praise it for its ability to relieve relentlessly severe pain, however, it is extremely addictive. In fact, morphine’s addictive potency is so high that it is the cause of a significant amount of unintentional drug-related fatalities in America.

Effects and Abuse of Morphine

Morphine is a narcotic and abusers laude it for having highly pleasurable effects . Those in constant extreme pain also abuse it, only increasing their chances of acquiring a morphine addiction.

Effects of Morphine include:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Drowsiness
  • Euphoria

Using morphine sans a verified prescription is deemed abuse and illegal, although it’s legal when it is indeed prescribed. Signs of a morphine overdose can consist of slowed breathing, slurred speech and intense drowsiness, as this opiate puts a severe depression on one’s central nervous system and can ultimately cause death.

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An addiction to morphine is extremely difficult to beat and overcome. However, it can be done by anyone who wants to change their lives and enter recovery. At The Discovery House, we promote long term recovery in our addiction treatment programs at our luxury rehab facilities in Los Angeles. Call us today at 818.452.1676 or fill out our form to get you or your loved one struggling with a morphine addiction help and treatment.

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