The Discovery House Drug Treatment & Addiction Rehab Facilities

Why Choose The Discovery House Rehab Facilities?

Why Choose The Discovery House Rehab Facilities?

Choosing the right treatment center for your needs can sometimes be a daunting task. Not all facilities are the same, and neither is the treatment approach. So let’s talk about what makes The Discovery House unique for your recovery.

Why People Think We’re The Best

We know that everyone’s experience with addiction is different, so it makes sense that the way we treat it should be, too. Instead of applying a “one size fits all” model, we assess your experience, needs, and treatment requirements to create a program that is unique to you. We pride ourselves on being able to offer dedicated, individualized care to all our residents, using evidence-based methods to help them recover from addiction. Our dedicated rehab addiction specialists are committed to helping you all the way through your recovery. Here are a few more things that truly set us apart from other treatment centers

The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

We’re a Joint Commission Accredited Facility

The Discovery House is a state-licensed treatment facility and is also accredited by the JCHAO, licensed with the state of California and Los Angeles County.

The Joint Commission Accreditation is held by only 6% of treatment centers across the United States and is the same accreditation held by hospitals nationwide. Being a Joint Commission Accredited means that we can offer the best drug addiction treatment available. Learn more about the Joint Commission here.

Read our full press release here.

We use the ASAM Continuum of Care Criteria

Here at The Discovery House, we take a biological, psychological, and sociological approach to how we treat and teach our clients and staff. We utilize the ASAM Criteria which involves six dimensions of assessment which helps us to assess and place our clients at the level of care that is right for them. The six dimensions include acute intoxication and/or withdrawal potential; biomedical conditions and complications; emotional, behavioral, or cognitive conditions and complications; readiness to change; relapse, continued use, or continued problem potential; and recovery/living environment.

Learn more about the ASAM Criteria here.

Our Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Are Built Especially for Treatment

Along with our exceptional staff, The Discovery House alcohol and drug rehab facilities are modern and welcoming. Individuals can enjoy their stay in comfortable rooms and take part in group activities and counseling sessions in a newly remodeled facility.

The Discovery House is also fully equipped to manage sub-acute detox. With our around-the-clock staff of certified counselors and a working partnership with a nearby hospital, we give residents the best care possible during the detox process.

We Believe You Deserve the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab

Most importantly, when you choose The Discovery House, you are selecting a rehab facility that will work with you to create a successful treatment plan. We have treatment program options for everyone, including residential inpatient drug rehab, outpatient treatment, and even an alumni program for addiction.

We offer individualised treatment programs that use proven methods such as the co-occurring disorder program, family addiction program, addiction nutrition program, 12 step program, and speciality therapies including art, music, and yoga therapies.

Care of the Client is Our Top Priority

Our team of rehab addiction specialists consists of 9 certified counselors as well as support staff and other caring professionals who are experienced in helping our residents recover. At The Discovery House, we want to see every resident achieve complete sobriety, and staff members follow up with residents even after they’ve completed the program, to ensure they stay on the road to recovery.

If you choose The Discovery House, we’ll help you overcome your addiction and show you how to work today for a better tomorrow. Call 818.452.1676 to talk to an addiction specialist today who can help you figure out where and how to get started on your path to recovery.

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