The Discovery House Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facility

Take a tour of a beautiful alcohol and drug rehab facility, located in Southern California.

The Discovery House’s alcohol and drug rehab facility helps individuals break free from the control of addiction so that they can get back to their life again. Our professional staff of addiction rehab specialists provides clients with the tools they need to succeed in recovery.

At The Discovery House, we know that each resident is unique, with their own history, problems, and ambitions. We design addiction treatment services around the individual, depending on their substance abuse history, family dynamics, emotional state, and their goals for recovery. What is effective for one person will not work for everyone. Since the individual’s recovery is our first and most important goal, we use all the resources available to provide clients with a treatment plan that works for them.

Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facility is a Warm and Welcoming Place to Focus on Your Recovery

Our alcohol and drug rehab facility is a warm and welcoming place to focus on recovery. Residents of The Discovery House quickly feel at home in our treatment center. Warm, comfortable rooms, welcoming meeting areas, and a beautiful outdoor patio all help make a resident’s stay at The Discovery House more comfortable.

Our addiction treatment programs have been designed to help both individuals and families recover with a support system surrounding them. At our facility, residents take part in group and individual counseling sessions, where they learn to live a sober life.

Contact us via our form or by calling 818.666.3083 to take a tour of our alcohol and drug rehab facility and start your recovery today!