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Halcion Addiction

The potential to form a Halcion addiction is so great that doctors almost never prescribe it beyond 10 days. Seeking Halcion addiction treatment is crucial to breaking the cycle of addiction and preventing long-term damage.


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What is Halcion?

Halcion is actually the brand name for a benzodiazepine named “triazolam” which is usually intended for treatment of insomnia and anxiety. An addiction to it can evolve at a rapid pace, withdrawal symptoms are deadly, and it’s casually referred to as “Up Johns” by many people. Unlike other benzos, Halcion’s half-life duration is shorter, as it lasts just 1-4 hours.

Effects of Halcion Addiction

Halcion causes brain activity to slow down while providing a calm feeling over a user. When taken in large doses, it generates a euphoric feeling and boosts moods. Those with a prior addiction to benzodiazepines usually turn to Halcion for its faster, more powerful effects compared to other substances.

Effects of Halcion include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Drowsiness
  • Maximum sedation

Halcion overdoses occur more often than people imagine. Seizures, slowed breathing, slurred speech and double vision are among the top signs of a Halcion overdose. Abusing this drug can even lead to a coma and fatality. Many people who are addicted to heroin and painkillers also abuse Halcion. When mixing opioids, alcohol, and other drugs, abusing Halcion becomes even more dangerous.

Find Halcion Addiction Treatment

Halcion recovery for an individual initially begins with a medical detox. Attempting this alone often leads to relapse due to the drug’s extreme withdrawal symptoms. If you or your loved one are fighting a dependence on Halcion, The Discovery House can help. Our team of Certified Substance Abuse professionals in Los Angeles have Halcion addiction treatment programs that can be tailored to fit any needs available at our luxury rehab facilities. We promote long term Halcion recovery in all our long-term treatment centers for addiction, which have acquired a reputation as among the best drug and alcohol centers in the United States.

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