Help and Support for Families of Addicts and Alcoholics

Support for Families of Addicts and Alcoholics in Los Angeles

Support for Families of Addicts

Addiction does not only affect the addict. Alcoholism/addiction is a family disease. When one member of the family struggles with a drug or alcohol addiction, everyone suffers. Family members blame themselves; they can feel shame, guilt, and remorse as they attempt to cover up the family condition. The actions of the addict impact all of his or her loved ones and close friends, and it is often necessary for these individuals to get help as well. A help and support for families of addicts and alcoholics program at our long-term treatment centers for addiction in Los Angeles can be very beneficial for families struggling with the drug problem or alcoholism of a loved one. The Discovery House, one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in the country, provides support for families of addicts and alcoholics at our luxury rehab facilities in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.

Over time, the dynamics of a family can change drastically to accommodate the addict, and this dysfunction must be addressed before the family can heal. Many family members suffer from co-dependency when an addiction is present. These individuals begin to crave the drama that living with an addict brings. They thrive on the fighting and the making up that occurs so commonly with the addict. They lose confidence in themselves as individuals, and they feel that it is their job to rescue the person and stay with them no matter the personal cost.

We at The Discovery House understand the challenges that families of addicts face. Our caring therapists work with families to get to the bottom of the resident’s addiction and provide support for the families of addicts as well. Whether the resident is in drug rehabalcohol rehab, or co-occurring disorders treatment, we can support families of addicts and alcoholics to learn how to encourage their loved ones and help them maintain their sobriety after treatment.

The Discovery House Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Multi-family education groups
  • Small consult sessions with one resident and one family member at a time

As the family gains awareness that addiction is a challenge that increases family discord and isolation, The Discovery House moves forward in its effort to re-establish family balance and the promotion of healing within the family unit.

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