6 Substance Addiction Videos You Need to See

6 Substance Addiction Videos You Need to See

When we talk about substance addiction, there are so many questions. We know it’s become a huge epidemic in the US and we know that thousands of people are suffering and struggling with substance addiction themselves or that they love someone who is. We know we have a problem, but how do we fix it? Where do we start and more importantly, in the meantime, how do we cope?

A Collection of Our Favorite Substance Addiction Videos

Here at The Discovery House, we do our best to make sure we are on top of the news and the trends within the industry and we strive to produce content that spreads messages of inspiration, messages of truth, and messages that provide solutions. We aren’t saying we have all the answers but we believe it starts with education.

We have put together a list of our favorite (and most popular) videos that cover all corners of substance addiction.

Substance Addiction Videos for Truth

These Babies Were Born Addicted to Drugs
Each year, thousands of babies are being born addicted to opiates, and the problem hasn’t shown signs of getting any better. Women who are addicted prior to conceiving, continue their opiate abuse throughout their pregnancy and this video demonstrates the severity of this growing problem. It’s sad and disturbing but it shines a light on a subject that doesn’t regularly get much attention.

Addiction (a collaboration with Johann Yari)
As a people, we are growing increasingly more visual, so naturally when this animated video about addiction came out, it went viral. The video explains in simple terms what addiction is, how it can happen, and more importantly what we can do about it. It challenges the way we have all thought about drug and alcohol addiction and offers up the notion that “the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s connection.” It has had mixed reviews but overall it’s a great way to explain to people, young and old, what addiction is and the part that we all play in the solution.

Substance Addiction Videos for Education

The Power of Vulnerability
Brene Brown went on a quest to better understand something that, as humans, we are all familiar with; shame. She talks about the link between shame, vulnerability, and the fear of disconnection, which she believes to be directly linked to some of the reasons that someone might start to develop a substance use disorder.

CDC Issues Guidelines
New guidelines have been released by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that encourage doctors to avoid prescribing opioids to their patients and instead offer treatment alternatives such as physical therapy or non-addictive painkillers.This video highlights the guidelines and how they will help in the fight against addiction.

Substance Addiction Videos for Inspiration

Bam Margera Says Enough is Enough: Getting Sober on Family Therapy
With his life in the spotlight, Margera demonstrates that no matter what successes you have in life, the tragedy of addiction can still take over your life. After losing his best friend and former co-star, Ryan Dunn, Margera went on a bender of drinking excessively and participating in dangerous behavior. His mother was worried that she might lose him and has since been encouraging him to get help. He’s now starring on “Family Therapy”, a reality television show where he seems to be edging closer to life in recovery. It’s important to us to share stories like this to support and inspire other people who may be struggling with substance addiction.

Jodie Sweetin: From Addiction To Recovery To ‘Fuller House’
When Full House ended its eight-year run on ABC in 1995, Sweetin was just 14 years old. For someone who grew up on the set and in the spotlight from a very young age, it was a shock to be unemployed and essentially separated from her onscreen family. Her life was chaos and so she began drinking and later using crystal meth in order to cope. As a celebrity advocate for recovery, Sweetin has always been open and has shared her story at events nationwide regarding her past experience with addiction. She continues to help others through the struggle and stigma of addiction.

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