Steroid Addiction Treatment Centers in Los Angeles, CA

Steroids Addiction Treatment

What Is A Steroid?

Infamous in the world of sports and athletics, steroids typically are abused for fitness reasons. These drugs imitate testosterone and possess anabolic and androgenic effects. Euphoria isn’t obtained when taking them, but steroids can certainly become addictive. Taking steroids for an extended amount of time disturbs balances of natural bodily hormones, and a sudden stoppage in taking them can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. They can come in the form of pills, gels, creams and even liquids to be injected.

Effects and Abuse of Steroids

Some refer to steroids as ‘roids, juice, stackers and hype, and brands consist of Anavar, Anadrol-50, Winstrol, Oxandrin and Dianabol. Steroid abusers even will use veterinary steroids because they’re cheaper in price.

Steroids change of a person’s body by building muscle, as anabolic steroids help muscles heal faster. This creates a scenario where people are able to exercise harder, more frequently and with better results. Also, steroids can make a user feel stronger, look bigger, more confident, powerful and be more aggressive.

Steroid users may abuse them in three separate ways. The first being “stacking”, where abusers take multiple kinds of steroids. Next is “cycling”, which usually consists of taking steroids for a predetermined amount of time, before stopping and eventually re-starting abuse. “Pyramiding” takes place when an abuser starts taking low doses of steroids before gradually increasing dosage and then gradually decreasing again.

Steroid Addiction Treatment

A big misconception is that steroids are not addicting. While they do not produce a euphoric high, these drugs certainly can bring on an addiction for any individual. To treat an addiction to steroids, one needs proper care and professional help, which is available at The Discovery House.

Located in Los Angeles, our addiction treatment programs take place at our own luxury rehab facilities and are led by Certified Substance Abuse counselors who promote long-term recovery. We have the very best drug and alcohol centers in the country, as our long-term treatment centers addiction is ideal for someone struggling with a steroid addiction, as well as a heroin, opiate, alcohol or morphine addiction.

Cocaine, opiates, ecstasy, adderall, marijuana and alcohol are just several drugs that steroid users commonly additionally abuse.

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