Los Angeles, CA Methadone Addiction Treatment Centers

Los Angeles, CA Methadone Addiction Treatment Centers

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Although many receive methadone to treat pain, this synthetic opioid can also be utilized to help treat addictions to heroin and other opiates. Ironically, while methadone is used as an addiction combatant in many cases, it’s also a potentially addictive drug itself.

Effects and Abuse of Methadone

Methadone is not regulated or scrutinized as much as other drugs due to it largely being used to curtail cravings and addictions, as well as for pain relief. However, it does have strong addictive characteristics. Those taking methadone to combat a heroin addiction put themselves at risk to becoming addicted to methadone, since their heroin use has increased their tolerance for opiates.

People who take methadone do not experience the same effects as morphine or heroin, as methadone is intended to prevent the euphoric sensations that many opiates produce. Some medical professionals downplay its addictive characteristics since it is such a common tool in fighting other kinds of addiction. However, administering this opiate as a pain-reliever and to curb cravings can lead to a tolerance and potentially addiction requiring methadone addiction treatment.

Methadone Addiction Treatment

Methadone may not be as well-known as heroin, but it’s still addictive and has withdrawal symptoms. Fighting an addiction alone is not the way to go. If you or your loved ones are struggling with methadone abuse, The Discovery House’s methadone addiction treatment center can help.

Our methadone addiction treatment is personalized for every individual at our luxury rehab facilities in Los Angeles, CA. Long-term recovery is intended for everyone and the certified substance abuse counselors at our inpatient methadone addiction treatment center work tirelessly to ensure each client receives this high level of care at one of the nation’s best drug and alcohol centers. Contact The Discovery House and start the journey to rediscover a clean and sober life.

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