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Nutrition during Addiction Recovery

Nutrition during Addiction Recovery

For anyone trying to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, a complete analysis of their life is beneficial. There are often ways to help manage cravings and cope with stress and emotional turbulence naturally. Our addiction nutrition program is one tool our therapists use to help individuals balance the rest of their life and promote long term recovery. Because good nutrition is so important to our overall well-being, therapists at The Discovery House luxury rehab facilities use a nutrition-based addiction program. We help residents in our drug alcohol treatment programs develop practices that provide overall health and wellness. Our program incorporates healthy meal plans and nutrition classes to establish a balanced diet.

The right nutrition has many benefits:

  • Eating right is healthier and makes you feel better
  • The right foods help the body cleanse itself from toxins
  • Having a balanced diet helps our bodies cope with stress
  • Healthy foods help give us strength that is needed to accomplish difficult tasks

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

Fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritionally balanced foods provide us with the nutrients and energy we need to carry out our everyday life. At the Discovery House, residents can enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals prepared by our in-house chef and also learn from our nutritionist how to balance their diet themselves. We help residents see the connection between good nutrition and addiction recovery so that when they complete our program, they can continue to implement the nutrition skills they learned.

Nutrition and Addiction

When residents complete their residential addiction treatment stay at The Discovery House drug alcohol treatment center and leave to finish their recovery at home, good nutrition will remain an important part of their lives. As the individual continues to learn how to manage triggers and cope with stress in healthy ways rather than turn to their drugs or alcohol, eating healthy foods and exercising will make their body more able to take on these challenges. Good nutrition can make the recovery process easier and more complete. By focusing on good nutrition and working to heal the entire body, addiction can be overcome.

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