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The Price of Sobriety: How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The Price of Sobriety: How Much Does Rehab Cost?

With an estimated $740 billion in costs related to lost work productivity and health care for addicts, it is hard to believe that up to 90% of them do not receive treatment.

While there are many factors playing into these statistics, the cost of rehab definitely plays a role.

There are a lot of reasons for the cost, but it may be the best step for someone struggling with addiction.

So how much does rehab cost? Read on to find out.

What You Pay For

In-house rehabilitation facilities can be the only path to recovery for many people. For anybody who is struggling with addiction, this is the most time-tested, successful way to get clean and stay clean. 

However, everything comes at a price. But if this is a necessary step, what is it that you’re paying for?

There are a lot of different costs associated with rehab centers. Let’s talk about how rehabilitation costs are calculated.


This is likely the largest expense for drug rehab cost. Rehab centers need counselors, security, medical professionals, receptionists, and administrative staff.

These salaries can vary, but especially in an inpatient facility, they will add up to a large total, as most of these jobs require specific skills to be performed on a daily basis.


Security guards are there to ensure safety between the patients.

On top of that, they prevent any illicit substances from making their way into the facility. Without them, it could lead to relapses and dangerous situations for the patients in treatment, as well as the staff.


Often the most plentiful type of staff in the facility, their training, education, and daily work adds up a large tab throughout the inpatient treatment process.

Counselors, or Recovery Support Specialists, must be specially trained to handle dangerous situations, while regularly facilitating treatment for large groups of people. They need to be compensated for their hard work.

Many rehabilitation counselors are required to have Masters degrees. Learn more about what rehab counselors do and how they get to their positions to understand more.


Administrative staff like trainers, coordinators, and managers, are often paid the largest salaries.

They allow the programs to keep running by coordinating events, training staff, keeping track of finances, and maintaining the quality of the program.

They perform critical roles to these programs, and their salaries place a large expense itself.


Nurse practitioners are available at most rehab facilities, and with high levels of education and skills, they are paid rather high salaries.

Many of these staff need to be available 24 hours a day, which can be expensive. And unfortunately, without proper funding, that expense has to get passed along to the patients.


Equipment can be a largely varying cost for different facilities. All rehab centers will need some amount of medical equipment available.

They will need storage for medicine, AED machines, vital machines, crash carts, anti-overdose medications, and a lot of other medical equipment. However, medical equipment is not the only factor.

Many centers will have therapeutic recreational activities for their patients, and that comes with equipment and maintenance costs, like tennis equipment, swimming pools, or any other equipment.


Rent or property costs are expensive for rehab centers. Many facilities own large portions of land for outdoor activities, and these costs expand even more.

Anywhere you need to stay for extended periods of time will run up a tab. You are renting a safe space to stay while receiving treatment, and that comes with a price.


You will be provided with meals during your stay. That adds an expense for the food you eat, as well as for the cooking staff.

A month-long stay will essentially be comparable to eating out for every meal for the entire month, but the food is one of the smaller costs.


Many rehab facilities will have off-site activities for their patients. This is not a huge expense. However, not only do some of them cost money themselves, but the transportation costs also add up.

Now that you understand some of the expenses, you won’t be as surprised by the cost.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

With most privately-funded rehabilitation centers, the majority of the cost needs to go back to the patient. With consistent donors, state funding, or other methods, some of the costs could be offset. However, this is not always plausible.

With all of these costs adding up, the bill can skyrocket.

Prices certainly vary widely between different facilities, but you would be lucky to spend under $5,000 a month.  Some prices can be 10 times that amount.

This will vary so widely based on how reputable the facility is, their staff-patient ratio, how many luxuries they offer, or other factors.

It’s important to know what to look for in a drug rehab facility before you start looking at cost. The treatment is more important.

How Can Anyone Afford Rehab?

There are different ways that people pay for rehab. Many insurance companies will cover a large portion of the price tag, but some people need alternative methods.

Many facilities will offer payment programs for people who need immediate treatment and can’t afford it.

It is great to look into the options, but if you need treatment right away, it can be worked out later. Time is of the essence.

It is not only the cost of the rehab, but repeat abusers who go back for treatment will also have to bear the burden of the price more than once. The relapse rate is higher than you might think, falling somewhere between 40 and 60%.

Is It Worth It?

How much does rehab cost? More than just money. It’s your time and continuing effort. So, is it worth it? Absolutely.

For many, it is the only path that can work for them in order to get the tools necessary to remain sober.

If you know somebody who is struggling with addiction, here are some tips on how to talk to them about it so they can get the treatment they need.