Recovery Awareness Month: Spreading Hope and Healing
Heads Up: It’s Recovery Awareness Month

Heads Up: It’s Recovery Awareness Month

What is Recovery Awareness Month? Recovery Awareness Month is an American national observance held every September. The goal is to generate public awareness around substance use recovery and mental health treatments. New evidence-based treatment and recovery practices are available for everyone to help individuals suffering from mental health or substance use disorders. National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Month encourages people to break out of the stigma and chain of addiction and live a healthy life.

Since addiction recovery month is around the corner, this blog discusses helpful insights on addiction recovery modalities to raise awareness about substance abuse treatment.

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Understanding Recovery Awareness Month

What is National Recovery Month? This particular event is celebrated throughout September. Public education about mental health and addiction recovery is the goal.

Recovery Awareness Month.

This national observance celebrates the achievements of recovered communities and service providers. The Recovery Month can be impactful for people with substance use disorders. This month of awareness sends a positive message to the patients and helps them hold firm in their struggle.

It’s important to emphasize the significance of behavioral health to lead a healthy life. Educating people about how recovery works, how evidence-based treatment can help, and why people need it is necessary to reduce stigma and promote understanding.

The Power of Holistic Recovery

A holistic approach in addiction recovery refers to a comprehensive treatment used to treat the whole person, not just a single aspect. For example, where traditional medicine addresses the physical symptoms only, a holistic treatment works on social, physical, mental, and emotional factors. 

All these aspects are interconnected, which influences an individual’s healing process. An individual’s ill state of mind or emotional status can lead to an unhealthy life regardless of physical health. 

A holistic approach to recovery ensures patients understand the importance of treating the physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Holistic treatment like nutritional counseling, yoga, exercise, mindfulness, and meditation helps people recover from addiction and maintain sobriety. 

A group of people recovering from substance addiction during national addiction recovery month with two women hugging and smiling

Navigating the Recovery Journey

The reason for drug or alcohol abuse can be different for every individual. But recovering from the addiction is never easy for anyone. When people start to discontinue substance use, many challenges occur. Various withdrawal symptoms and excessive cravings appear to become a hindrance in the recovery. 

This is why substance recovery patients need professional support. At licensed and certified recovery centers, people can receive a wholesome treatment that reduces the signs of withdrawal and cravings and increases the ability to retain sobriety. 

Typically, drug and alcohol rehabilitation center services starts with detox to remove toxins from the patient’s body and offer a fresh start! Next, patients might need to join therapy sessions or counseling (individual or group). Alongside detox and treatments, patients must maintain a healthy, balanced diet, form good habits, and indulge in exercises or meditation. Evidence-based medications are also provided to patients who need help reducing withdrawal and craving. 

The Discovery House's Commitment to Recovery

The Discovery House is a Los Angeles-based luxury addiction treatment center. This is a leading Joint Commission-accredited clinic where patients can receive residential treatment in a luxurious and comfortable ambiance. People seeking a safe, reliable, and significant rehab for themselves or loved ones can explore various modalities of The Discovery House.

The Discovery House adheres to an evidence-based holistic approach to treating a patient’s body, mind, and spirit. Depending on the individual’s needs, choices, and concerns, the medical professionals at The Discovery House design treatments. The clinic is highly committed to providing all patients with the best care and a supportive and caring environment for recovery.

A Beacon of Hope for Holistic Recovery

To ensure a whole-person treatment, The Discovery House offers their patients a wide range of modalities. From one-on-one therapies to group counseling to other experiential activities, everything there helps a patient become sober. 

Here’s what a patient spoke about The Discovery House: 

“If it wasn’t for this place I’d be lost. I have found myself again, I am leaving sober, happy and the person I want to be. The staff is incredible, always there when I needed them the most. I recommend if you are finding yourself in need of treatment come here. “ 

Embracing Recovery with Hope

Recovery Awareness Month is a special month every community should celebrate to encourage healthy recovery from addiction and substance use disorders. Holistic and evidence-based approaches can effectively change a person’s way of life, empowering them to become and stay sober. 

If professional addiction recovery is needed, try comprehensive services at The Discovery House.

Begin Your Holistic Recovery Journey

This month boasts new opportunities to find hope, support, and a path to lasting recovery. Check out The Discovery House’s extensive and holistic services for addiction recovery.