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The Benefits of Using Inpatient Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

The Benefits of Using Inpatient Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

More than 1,000 people end up in the hospital every day to be treated for abusing prescription drugs. Many more people are rushed to the emergency room daily for alcohol or drug-related illnesses. Many of them never leave the hospital.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious and potentially fatal problem that does more than kill hundreds of thousands per year. It tears apart families and can ruin the lives of people the victims were close to.

To avoid this, people fighting addictions should consider inpatient rehab. Seeking any sort of care is an important step in the journey towards recovery. Yet, inpatient rehab offers a unique sort of opportunity for sobriety that other kinds may lack.

Keep reading below to learn what you can expect from inpatient rehab, and how it can help you recover from addiction.

Inpatient Rehab Takes Commitment

When you first start an inpatient rehab program, you may be confused about the situation. You may end up in an unfamiliar building, surrounded by unfamiliar people. It’s important to realize that no matter how nervous you may be about going to rehab, the alternative is worse.

So, commit to attending sessions and getting to know new people. No matter how you approach your treatment during rehab, approaching it in some way will demonstrate your commitment to recovery. There is no wrong way to recover from addiction as long as you commit to recovering from it, somehow.

And that’s all inpatient rehab is about: bringing you to a place where you can start your recovery journey.

Although everyone’s experience in it differs, there are several situations you can expect to encounter in the course of your treatment. You can read about a few of them below.

Lengths Can Vary By Person

There is no real way to tell how long you may spend in an inpatient treatment program. The length of anyone’s stay depends entirely on them and how long it takes for them to commit a treatment plan. On average, people tend to stay in a facility for 12 days.

Expect it to take longer the more you try to avoid the doctors’ recommendations. Luckily, since our facility is located in LA, you may not be fully removed from the city and your own life. Family can still visit and update you about your work or anything else.

The point of inpatient rehab is to just ensure you’re safe as you start recovering from drugs or alcohol. That doesn’t mean staying in an inpatient program forever.

You Will Meet People Like You

During the course of treatment, you will confront vulnerable parts of yourself that contribute to addiction. You also will not be the only one.

Inpatient programs connect you with a network of people struggling with similar issues. Just like how you will talk about sensitive and serious issues, so will the people next to you. Part of the reason behind this is to remind you that you’re not alone on your journey.

There will always be people you can count in on an inpatient rehab program. All you need to do is reach out to them.

Family Participation Is Optional

Most of the time, it helps to have family support someone on their journey towards recovery. However, that’s not true for everybody. Family can sometimes contribute to the underlying issues fueling addiction, and in cases like these, family participation can do more harm than good.

That’s why you’re never required to have family support you on your journey. It helps to have people you can depend on, but that doesn’t always have to be family.

Yet, you should never try to isolate yourself from the people who care about you as you undergo treatment. Even if your family may not help you recover, be sure to reach out to friends, or even doctors, who you know you’ll be able to depend on.

It Can Be Costly, But It’s Worth It

At the end of an inpatient rehab program, you can expect a bill. And you can expect that bill to be large, between $12,000 or $60,000. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go.

Your life is worth more than any price.

Instead, ask about financial aid programs that can help you repay the bill. You shouldn’t worry about the cost while undergoing treatment. Yet, taking an initiative to pay for treatment after it can help you stay sober since it’ll remind you of all the work you put into recovery.

Care Comes In Many Forms

Some of the things you may go through during inpatient rehab may seem frightening. You may feel forced to share things with groups of people you’ve never met. You may feel like your privacy is being constantly violated, and that you shouldn’t be there in the first place.

The reality is that your privacy is violated because people care about you. They want to be able to trust you to stay sober and to stave off cravings. You simply need to demonstrate that you’re capable of doing so.

Just remember that you’re being cared for during inpatient care. It’s a long and painful process, but nobody is there to hurt you. In fact, they’re there to see you get better.

Recovery Is An Ongoing Process

After leaving inpatient rehab, it’s easy to believe that your recovery journey is over. Yet, just because you put in multiple days of work doesn’t mean your struggle is over. Once you return to the outside world, the real battle begins.

You will be confronted with opportunities to relapse into addiction daily. Your friends may try to give you some of the stuff you used to use. It’s important to stay strong since you’re the only one who will be able to say ‘no.’

It may seem like nothing changed after going to inpatient care, but the reality is far different. Once you leave a treatment center, you’ll be equipped with a network of supportive friends and professionals who will be there for you. They’ll understand your struggle, and will help you stay sober.

Sobriety Is Worth It

Inpatient rehab takes work, effort, commitment, time, and a whole lot of pain. You will go through stuff that you never thought you had to go through. Yet, it’s worth it.

In inpatient rehab, you also have a 24-hours-a-day team of professionals to help you through it. You’ll never be alone, and you can be assured that you will have made a crucial step towards recovery after it. It’s the beginning of a long but worthwhile journey towards recovery.

To take your first step on that journey, just contact us. We will stand with you every step of the way to make sure you stop using and start living.