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Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Does insurance cover rehab? That’s a good question and one that we get a lot. Sifting through the information about insurance coverage for drug rehab can be time-consuming and confusing. Unfortunately, this task often becomes the most necessary at a time when someone is facing the challenges of drug addiction. When you’re ready to enter a substance abuse treatment center, the last thing you want is to spend hours on the phone trying to figure out if your insurance will cover the treatment you need.

So guess what? You don’t have to. We put together this helpful guide that will answer any question you may have about co-pays, levels of care, rehab programs, and everything in between.

First things first. To find out if your insurance will cover the rehab program you choose, you need to know what program is best suited to your situation. Ask your doctor, mental health care provider, or one of our caring addiction specialists about what type of treatment would work best for you. Once you know this, determining the cost will be much easier.

Whether your insurance will cover rehab depends on:

Type of facility—there are a few different types of facilities such as detox, inpatient, and outpatient.
Location of the facility—a program that is on the beach might be more costly than one in a small city or town.
Size of the program—as in how many patients can be accommodated. Smaller ones tend to be more expensive.
Levels of care—may include detox, inpatient (residential), outpatient, transitional living, and comprehensive aftercare.
Length of the program—most programs range from 28 to 90 days, and many are even longer.
Amenities offered—things like private rooms, swimming pools, in-house gyms, yoga, and nutritional counseling.

Not all programs offer all of the above. However, there are some non-negotiable features of rehab. You can learn more about what a treatment center should have here.
Side Note:At The Discovery House, we offer a full continuum of care meaning that you can complete a treatment program without jumping from place to place. From beginning to end, you are with people you know and who are familiar with your case. Not only are they familiar but they care.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction detox is a crucial time that must be handled with the utmost care and urgency at a professional drug detox center. The scale of the individual’s dependency and the length of time they have been dependent on drugs or alcohol will determine the extent of detox and what additional assistance will be needed.

Those who have had a short history of addiction, are at low risk for relapse and can be counted on to attend therapy sessions faithfully may be candidates for outpatient treatment. These individuals still need professional help, and will benefit significantly from therapy sessions, but can incorporate our outpatient drug rehab into the rest of their life and schedule.

Residential treatment centers provide a highly structured, monitored environment in a home-like setting that offers residents serenity as they begin their long-­term recovery. As a result, this helps ensure that residents do not have access to their drugs or alcohol while in their program and that they can receive full-time support during their recovery.

How to Find Out About Your Policy

Many insurance providers will cover at least a portion of your treatment expenses. The best thing to do first is to figure out what type of treatment you are going to need. Then you can contact your insurance provider to find out how much coverage your policy will provide.

What to Ask Your Insurance Provider

Insurance can be really confusing. Every plan is different so the best course of action is to call your insurance provider directly. If your employer provides your insurance, you may also choose to speak with your human resources representative. But first, make sure you know your stuff. Once you know and understand the basics of insurance, it’s not so daunting. This video does a great job of explaining everything you need to know about insurance:

When you’re ready to call your insurance company, be prepared with questions. Here are a few common ones:

  • Will my insurance cover detox, inpatient or outpatient care, and aftercare?
  • Will my prescriptions be covered?
  • What will my monthly premiums be?
  • What will my co-pay be?
  • What will my out-of-pocket maximum be?
  • How long of a treatment program will my insurance cover?
  • Do I need an HMO or PPO insurance policy?

How to Pay for Rehab Without Insurance

Some drug treatment programs, which are government-funded, are free. Meanwhile, star-studded facilities can cost upwards of $50,000-$80,000 dollars. What do you do if you don’t have insurance?

The Salvation Army has been helping people recover from addiction for decades. It’s mostly free and to qualify, you must demonstrate financial need.

Government-funded programs usually vary by state and the SAMHSA Directory of Single State Agencies for Substance Abuse Services can help you find programs in your state.

Additional Free Rehab Options

When free treatment is not available to you for whatever reason, don’t give up.
There are still a few other options to look into:

Get Insurance: If you can, try to get insurance. Speak with your employer or do some research on what you might be able to get in the Marketplace.
Loans: Most treatment programs offer payment plans or financing.
Friends and Family: You know that old saying, ask and you shall receive? Don’t let the fear of asking for help hold you back from recovery. Ask a close friend or family member to borrow some money. The worst that could happen is they say no. At least you will know that you’ve tried everything.

When the subject of money comes up, it can create a lot of extra stress at an inopportune time.
The most important thing to remember is to choose a treatment program based on whether it’s a good fit for you instead of on the cost. This might be difficult, but money spent on a treatment program that isn’t right for you is just more money wasted.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab at The Discovery House?

The Discovery House accepts most PPO insurances, but the type of coverage that is provided by companies varies. Some will only cover providers that are a part of their network while others may not include addiction detox or may just pay for a certain length of residential addiction treatment stay at a drug treatment center. Certain providers reimburse members instead of providers and require more work on the part of the resident to receive the benefits.

Insurance Policies Currently Accepted by The Discovery House

This list is always changing, so if you don’t see your insurance provider here, give us a call.

Call us today at 818.452.1676 to learn about what treatment program is the best fit for your needs.

Find Out If Your Insurance Covers Rehab

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