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Super Bowl Party Tips for Those in Drug Addiction Recovery

Super Bowl Party Tips for Those in Drug Addiction Recovery

For those of us living life in alcohol or drug addiction recovery, the idea of throwing, or even attending a Super Bowl party may seem out of reach, but with these 4 tips, these ideas can become reality.  The general consensus behind a party on Super Bowl Sunday is to have a barbeque, open up a few brewskies with your friends and family, and snack on endless amounts of 5 layer, or those with no fear, 7 layer dip, and watch the big game.

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Super Bowl Snacks in Alcohol or Drug Addiction Recovery

Chicken wings, chili, nachos. Super Bowl Sunday is known for its delicious snacks and they are almost synonymous with having a beer in hand. Out of all places, a Super Bowl party is a great place to pig out, but it’s not uncommon to be triggered by tastes or smells from your alcohol or drug dependency days. When you are trying not to revert to drugs and alcohol abuse, you may want to try switching up the menu just a bit. Pinterest is a great source for finding recipes that are not only healthier without sacrificing flavor, but also won’t have you reaching for a pint.

Reconnecting Can Keep You Sober

There will always be those people you only see once a year at a Super Bowl Party.  All you know about them is that they love football and that they recently graduated college. The last time they saw you, you were heading into a drug or alcohol recovery program.  It’s been a year and if so much has changed with you, chances are tons has happened with them. So where has their life brought them now?

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Actually Watch the Game

This one may seem like a silly tip, but very often at Super Bowl parties, the game is put on the sideline (pun intended) for alcohol, and food.  So for once, actually watch the game.  If your attention is there, it will be away from alcohol.  Also, you’ll get to see some great commercials if your eyes are on the television, and not on a drink.

Make Super Bowl Predictions

This tip can be quite fun if done right.  The more people involved the better.  Make predictions on little aspects of the big game.  For instance, when Katy Perry performed last year, we predicted she would come out in a green wig, while a friend predicted blue.  You can wager money on these bets, or just enjoy your victories by holding them over everyone else.  Activites like this will distract you from wanting to drink or take drugs.

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At the end of the day, just remember, you’ve worked hard on your sobriety and recovery, show your strength.  Enjoy the big game, and keep your sobriety going strong.

We are always looking for new ways to celebrate sober. Share your Sober Super Bowl party tips with us in the comments below or touch base with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We love hearing from you!

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