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Sober Summer Tips: Staying Dry When It’s Hot Out!

Sober Summer Tips: Staying Dry When It’s Hot Out!

The temperature is mercilessly rising and the sun is shining bright this summer. There’s nothing like a refreshing nonalcoholic beverage to stay cool and beat the heat. When you’re in recovery, though, summer holiday parties where participating in the celebration all but mandates having a hard drink in one’s hand can make staying sober seem like an intimidating feat. But fear not, dear readers. We have some tips to help you stay cool and maintain your recovery in the sweet summertime.


sober summer tips - plan ahead
Plan Ahead

If you feel comfortable and are able to do so, reach out to the hosts in advance and inform them of your sobriety. This will help both you and them to create and and enjoy an environment of comfort and safety for everyone. Be prepared to firmly but politely answer questions as to why you’re not drinking. You can always say you simply don’t want to or, should you feel comfortable doing so, briefly explain that you are sober and do not drink. You can also offer to supply some soft drinks for the party as options for others who also do not wish to drink, which brings us to my next point:

sober summer tips - bring your own beverage
Bring Your Own Beverage

There’s nothing better than a polite party guest who brings a generous offering to the hosts table. What’s more, you’d be gifting guests (and yourself!) with your favorite soft drink(s). Just make sure to stash a few cans of La Croix (or whatever your pleasure) in the fridge with your name labeled on them so you have something nice and cold to wet your whistle. 


sober summer tips - stay proud and grounded
Stay Proud and Grounded

Keep the phone number of your AA sponsor and/or that of a trusted friend to call if you start to feel tempted. You’re there to have a good time just the same as anybody else, but that can often lead to pressure from others who don’t understand or respect your recovery to try and tempt you. Party with strength and confidence, knowing that you have a support system to whom you can reach out.


sober summer tips - choose recovery
Remember: You Have a Choice

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation that might risk your recovery, you always have the option to remove yourself from the situation. Head to a local AA meeting. Go home and enjoy some time to yourself. Do what you need to so that you can stay clean and serene. You won’t be the proverbial “party pooper” if you decide to leave early. Instead, you should see yourself as a strong sober warrior, rising above temptation and remaining true to your recovery.