Thomas Bowen - The Discovery House Los Angeles CA

Thomas Bowen

Mr. Bowen graduated from Merrimack College with his bachelor’s degree in English. Mr. Bowen has been a proud member of The Discovery House team for over three years, and a shift lead for two of those years. He skillfully applies the work ethic, perseverance, and fortitude he learned in both school and RADT training to provide clients with the highest level of care. Mr. Bowen devotes his time to reaching and making a difference in every client who is ready and willing to accept his help. Today TJ has more than ten years of his own sobriety, therefore he is able to empathetically relate to the clients that come to The Discovery House. He states that he “considers it a privilege to be able to play a part in people’s recovery and help them discover a new future”. As a Shift Lead, Mr. Bowen is able to spend time connecting to the clients in an informal setting, allowing them to open up to him, where he can utilize the gifts of recovery in order to pass it on to another addict in need.

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