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Jodie Sweetin Celebrates Fuller House and Five Years Sober

Jodie Sweetin Celebrates Fuller House and Five Years Sober

This March, actress Jodie Sweetin will have so much more to celebrate than her return to TV for everyone’s favorite 90’s reboot sitcom Fuller House; her five years of sobriety.

When Full House ended its eight year run on ABC in 1995, Sweetin was just 14 years old. For someone who grew up on the set and in the spotlight from a very young age, it was a shock to be unemployed and essentially separated from her onscreen family. Her life was chaos and so she began drinking and later using crystal meth in order to cope. In her book, unSweetined, she gets very candid about her experience with drugs and alcohol abuse and shares the first time she got drunk at Candice Cameron Bure’s wedding, “I probably had two bottles of wine, and I was only 14. That first drink gave me the self confidence I had been searching for my whole life. But that set the pattern of the kind of drinking that I would do.”


She even confessed to snorting meth in the bathroom at the 2004 premiere of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s New York Minute. Looking back, she knew that she was living the lie. “I was pulling off the deceit. It was hard for people to believe I was doing that much drugs. I look at photos from that event, and I didn’t even look strung out,” Sweetin shared.

As it turns out, it was more than her sudden unemployment at the young age of 14 that contributed to her drug and alcohol abuse. Her mother also battled with addiction and put Jodie up for adoption when she nine months old. She has two daughters of her own now and she attributes her sobriety to wanting to be a good mother to her children. “When I started seeing my own addiction getting in the way of being a mom, I finally understood: If you’re not in the right place to get sober, you’re not ready to be a mom.”

These days, Sweetin is just about five years sober and has “a lot of gratitude.” In addition to her tell-all memoir back in 2009, she continues to speak at events nationwide on her past experience with addiction so she can help others through the struggle and stigma of addiction.

As if this wasn’t enough good news, Stephanie Tanner is making a comeback to the little-big screen for the Netflix reboot of Full House, entitled Fuller House. The whole cast (short of Michelle) will be back for the series that launches this Friday February 26th.

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