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9 Hashtags to Use When You’re Recovering from Drug Abuse

9 Hashtags to Use When You’re Recovering from Drug Abuse

Everyone loves Instagram and if you are recovering from drug abuse or alcohol addiction, it can be a powerful tool for connecting you with other people in recovery. Social media has given many people a voice and a way to express how they feel about important topics and has even sparked digital social movements, like #Ferguson, #bringbackourgirls, and #IceBucketChallenge, just to name a few. Think about it – you’re carrying a free support system in your pocket every moment of the day and there is no time like the present to tap into that. Not sure which hashtags are the best for you in your recovery? We put together a short list for your convenience. #Yourewelcome.

9 Hashtags to Use When You’re Recovering from Drug Abuse

9 Hashtags to Use When You’re Recovering from Drug Abuse


Helping others is essential to any addict’s recovery. Turn your focus outward and reach out to someone who may be having trouble with their drug addiction recovery. Sometimes all someone needs to know is that one person is there for them, and that person could be you.


Daily meditations and affirmations are very helpful in staying inspired and on track during your recovery. The hashtag emerged from the Just for Today fellowship-approved (NA) book full of them which have proven very helpful for those recovering from drug abuse.


One of the major perks of being clean and sober? Waking up on Sunday morning, sans hangover. This hashtag inspires and encourages people recovering from drug abuse to fully experience their lives without substance abuse and share these experiences with others.


There is no denying the over-glamorized and sexualized nature of drug and alcohol abuse through media and society. Sober is Sexy is a drug-free fashion line that challenges the stigma of addiction recovery.


Sober Movement is an entire Instagram profile that shares photos of people in recovery and celebrates milestones in their sobriety. Sometimes all it takes to be inspired is to know that other people have been where you are. Use this hashtag on your recovery selfies to be featured on their profile, too.


We are all familiar with the stigma that is associated with addiction but one out of nine people that have a substance abuse problem also suffer from a mental health disorder. This hashtag is a movement that empowers those who live with a mental health disorder and helps them embrace the fact that they shouldn’t have to be ashamed.


One search of this hashtag through Instagram, and you are instantly connected with thousands of other people sharing moments and thoughts from their #soberlife.


Meeting at a coffee shop, like Starbucks, is a recovery go-to for a lot of people. A great one to use together with #hellosundaymorning.


Many people mark their triumph against their addiction by getting tattoos. It’s popular for those recovering from drug addiction to indulge in getting tattoos that remind them of what they worked so hard to beat.

Which of these hashtags do you use? Do you have any good ones we could add to this list? Share with us in the comments below and don’t forget to come and say hi to us on Instagram. We love hearing from you!

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