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5 Ted Talks Everyone Recovering from Drug Abuse Needs to See

5 Ted Talks Everyone Recovering from Drug Abuse Needs to See

When you know someone who is recovering from drug abuse or even when you are going through it yourself, the better you understand the science of addiction and what causes it, the better you will be able to move toward long-term recovery. We think that one of the best ways to learn about tough topics such as addiction is through Ted Talks, free and short videos that educate anyone with the desire to learn about a variety of topics. Here, we have included a list of our top five talks that help give a little insight to some things that we, as humans, are always in search of and how they relate to substance abuse.

The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown
When you’ve watched loved ones struggle, that feeling of helplessness never really goes away. Brene Brown went on a quest to better understand something that, as humans, we are all familiar with; shame. She talks about the link between shame, vulnerability, and the fear of disconnection, which she believes to be directly linked to some of the reasons that someone might start to develop a substance use disorder. With over 23 million views so far, this talk is definitely one to watch and share.

Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong

Johann Hari
Do you know what really causes addiction? From cocaine to smartphones, we know it’s an age-old problem. But what is the solution? Johann Hari traveled all around the world to find out just that. He talks about how society currently treats addicts and the stigma of addiction within society and challenges everything we all thought we knew about substance abuse. He also has some interesting ideas for how we might be able to solve what is known to be one of the largest developing health problems facing America today.

The Surprising Science of Happiness

Dan Gilbert
One of the main things that every single person in the United States seems to always be on a quest for is happiness. Dan Gilbert talks about what really makes us happy as opposed to what we think will make us happy. The entire talk centers around the idea that we synthesize happiness, but in reality, we think happiness is a thing to be found. Anyone who wants to be happy should watch this talk.

How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime

Nadine Burke Harris
An interesting talk on the effects of childhood trauma on your overall health throughout your lifetime, Nadine Burke Harris touches on the science behind the relationship of trauma and things like heart disease, mental disorders, and substance abuse. She explains that there are “real neurologic reasons why folks exposed to high doses of adversity are more likely to engage in high-risk behavior.” She also talks about the importance of getting to the root of the problem instead of trying to fix a bullet wound with a band-aid. A definite must watch.

The Brain in Love

Helen Fisher
Another thing that we all search for endlessly throughout our lives is love. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist who studies gender differences and the evolution of human emotions, delivers an epic talk on what happens to the brain in love. She touches briefly on the similarities between how our mind reacts to love and how it reacts to drugs or alcohol.

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