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5 Super Fun Things to do in Sobriety

5 Super Fun Things to do in Sobriety


Many people are afraid that once they become sober, they won’t be able to have fun anymore. A sober life is not the same as a boring life, though. It may take a little work, creativity and determination, but many people are able to find fun things to do while adhering to the principles they learned in rehab.


Spend time with friends and family.

You may have caused your loved ones pain and heartache while you were an addict. Now is the time to make up for that and work to rebuild those relationships. Reconnect with your friends and family when sober, because now you can actually have fun doing things together that you never would have wanted to do before. Take a loved one to a movie, play a game, go to a concert or meet up for coffee and just enjoy spending time together again.


Try new things.

When addiction ruled your life, there were probably many things you wouldn’t attempt to do. Anything that kept you away from drugs or alcohol were off limits, as well as activities that required commitment, concentration, and sobriety. Challenge yourself to try something new, like learning a new game, taking a class, or visiting a new restaurant. Things that at one time seemed like too big of a challenge because you were impaired can now be exciting and new.


Instead of worrying about how you are going to act in certain situations now that you are sober, relax and enjoy your new life. It is okay to be silly and have fun when sober, and when you remain in control of your actions, you can remember the fun times. Learn how to have fun in a social setting without drinking or getting high.


Stay connected.

Many people make life-long connections through their treatment facility. If you participated in residential addiction treatment, you may have met many people that can be a source of support, encouragement, and inspiration for continuing in sobriety. It will be beneficial for you to continue to surround yourself with others in the recovery community in order to continue your sober life. Meet regularly with people who have been through the same challenges as you. These people understand the need to have fun in sobriety, and you should make the most of these relationships. Go out for a sober night on the town, take a walk, or stay home and experiment with alcohol-free recipes together.

Celebrate sobriety.

You have been successful in your journey to a sober life; celebrate that success. Even though there will still be challenges in life – and now you will have to face them without the crutch of drugs or alcohol – be thankful for your sober life and what it enables you to do. Consider helping others who are where you were a short time ago. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a treatment center. Actively helping others in recovery will continue to help you in your sobriety, and can prove to be very rewarding.

For more ideas of what to do in sobriety, and to connect with others in recovery, visit Sober Activities Meetup Groups.