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6 Drug Addiction Videos That Will Help You in Drug Treatment

6 Drug Addiction Videos That Will Help You in Drug Treatment

Drug addiction is one severe problem that affects society as a whole. It doesn’t only affect people who are addicted or their families; it affects all of us.

When you’re dealing with an addiction problem, it’s not always easy to ask for help. Some of you might not even know how to do it because you might just feel that no one cares. The reality is, you’re not alone. No matter what your addiction is, no matter how old you are, your race, whether you’re a male or female, you can get help.

6 Drug Addiction Videos To Inspire and Motivate Your Recovery

Here are some impressive drug addiction videos that may help you get into drug rehabilitation or inspire you in your recovery journey:

#1: Rehab Monologue by Craig Ferguson

In this Rehab Monologue, Craig adopts a very light tone to talk about his own addiction – alcohol. Clean for 13 years now, he went to a recovery center in Southern England for 28 days and in this video, he talks about how he shared a room with a pastor with the same addiction as well as with a heroin addict. During the 28 days, they had constant group therapy which helped him to get his mind occupied and be able to get over his alcohol addiction. He also says that despite he didn’t want to take any medication, he had to take Heminevrin, a substance to help manage the alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

#2: Macklemore on Drug Abuse

In this video, you’ll be able to watch Macklemore tell you about the severe addiction problems he went through. He started drinking when he was only 14, and by the age of 15 he already knew that he wanted to be a musician. However, he also started using drugs. He managed to keep sober for one month or two on his own, and then he went down again.

What’s impressive is the way he managed to get help. His father went to have a talk with him and asked him what was wrong with him. And told him he felt he needed to go to a drug rehab center. At this point, Macklemore saw an opportunity that he couldn’t have taken before because he just didn’t know how. He knew he had to get over drugs but didn’t know how or what to do. He recalls his experience over the drug rehabilitation center as a place where he managed to be around people who felt the same way he did, people who have experienced the same life situations he had.

#3: Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong by Johann Hari

In this video, Johann Hari, a journalist talks about how he spent 3 years researching the war on drugs. He was influenced by some of his family members who have drug and addiction problems. His goal was to try to help them out the best way he could. During his journey, he discovered that what you know about addiction is wrong. According to his findings “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; the opposite of addiction is connection.”

#4: Recovery is Possible by The Discovery House

This short but inspirational video, you’ll probably see many of the reasons that you keep evoking not to go to therapy for substance abuse or not looking for drug addiction treatment. However, rehab is possible at “The Discovery House”. You too can get help and can turn your life around.

#5: Real Life Drug Stories

In this exceptional and inspirational video, you’ll see the real life stories of teenagers dealing with drug addiction. You’ll be able to identify yourself with their motivations to start using drugs and how they noticed drugs affected their minds.

#6: The Discovery House Testimonial: Alumni Discuss Opioid Addiction

It’s very hard for parents to see one of their sons with drug and alcohol addictions. However, when both sons have the same problem it’s even worse. The case of these two brothers – Joey and Jordan, had a happy ending. Despite all problems they pass, including jail time, they were able to engage in the drug addiction treatment at The Discovery House. They both had therapy for substance abuse and they are now able to live their own lives without the influence of drugs.