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Chaka Khan Checks into Drug Rehab, Inspired by Prince

Chaka Khan Checks into Drug Rehab, Inspired by Prince

Chaka Khan, a 10-times Grammy winner known for popular songs like “I’m Every Woman”, “Through the Fire”, and “Ain’t Nobody” has entered drug rehab. The singer canceled her July concerts and is in drug rehab for an addiction to pain medication, the same kind of addiction that claimed Prince’s life.

The news was already confirmed by the singer’s representatives. Chaka Khan, who played in Sacramento last Monday, has entered a drug rehabilitation and aftercare program. As a result, all the remaining July concerts have been postponed. According to the doctors, the singer should commence her performances in August.

Chaka Khan has struggled with dependence on pain medication for years and has entered the program to get healthy and to solve her drug addiction problem.

Prince Inspired Chaka Khan to Seek Drug Rehab

She said that the tragic death of Prince was a wake-up call for her. That tragedy made her rethink and reevaluate her life and priorities. It was time to change her life.

In April, the singer used Twitter to share with the world her shock at the tragic Prince’s death. When she found out about what happened to Prince, she published the following Tweet:



The 63-year-old Grammy winner will now fight her drug addiction with her own sister who is also struggling with prescription drug abuse. Both women were deeply touched by Prince’s recent death, and according to E! News, they knew it was time to change their lives.

Chaka Khan was close to Prince and they both performed together several times. Prince wrote the “I Feel For You” song, which was a massive hit in 1984 for Chaka Khan.

Prince was reportedly trying to fight his addiction problem, too, on the week he passed away, and now Chaka Khan is trying to do exactly the same by getting into rehab.

This is not the first time Chaka Khan has entered into a drug rehab program. She spent some time in rehab in 2013 and hopefully the current rehab will be enough to help her reach long-term recovery. With the specter of fentanyl looming large over the current overdose crisis in America, the moment for Chaka to choose treatment could not have come at a better time, and we full support her efforts at getting healthy and joining us in the recovery family once again. 

Our thoughts are with you and your family, Chaka Khan!