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Cyber Monday: The Gift of Recovery from Addiction

Cyber Monday: The Gift of Recovery from Addiction

Cyber Monday or Make Recovery a Reality?

 Everyone loves a good deal and Cyber Monday is the best place to find one. Nothing heals a bad day (or year) like a little retail therapy, wouldn’t you agree? A lot of people would agree and that’s why Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become just as important as the holiday that they sprung off from: Thanksgiving. We will skip the irony but what is most disconcerting about Cyber Monday, is that it gives those who use activities like shopping to escape the perfect avenue to do so.

When you love someone who is an addict, you try to find any way to deal. Over time, many family members start to experience emotions as a result of their addicted loved one’s substance abuse. Feelings of shame, resentment, and worry essentially intoxicate them until they become overwhelmed. It’s tough to live with and it is not uncommon that these intoxicant emotions will lead them to participate in unhealthy behaviors, like compulsive shopping or substance use, just in order to cope.

It is often said that one of the biggest keys to recovery is community. Though you may turn to unhealthy habits to cope with a tough situation, it’s only when you face the issue head on that you will be able to work toward change. Look around and you might find that there is a community every place you look that has a place just for you and your family is the best place to start.

So just say no to Cyber Monday and say yes to family, community, and healing. It’s easier said than done, so if you or someone you love needs help with their addiction this holiday season, give us a call at (818) 452-1676. Our compassionate and knowledgeable addiction specialists will help find a treatment program that works for you, wherever you are.