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Celebrity Who Overcame an Addiction Series: Eminem

Celebrity Who Overcame an Addiction Series: Eminem

The Discovery House would like to introduce a new content series in its blog based on known public figures who have fought various drug and alcohol addictions. The intent of this series is to create awareness that you or your loved one are not alone in the bout with addiction, and also serve as a means of motivation by showcasing a celebrity’s addiction story that is relatable to yours or your loved one’s.


Known as one of the greatest Hip Hop artists of all time and a lyrical genius, Eminem has sold more than 170 million album copies worldwide. He’s released eight studio albums, and the last seven have not sold less than 3.9 million copies, with the last six peaking at No. 1 on the US charts.
However, Eminem amidst his overwhelming success, he has also battled a strong and deadly addiction to prescription painkillers throughout his legendary career.
“My Name is Marshall. I am an addict.”
With his birth name being Marshall Mathers III, Eminem told MTV.com in 2013, “My name is Marshall. I am an addict.” At the pinnacle of his addiction in 2005, Eminem took 60 pills a day and even began mixing Xanax, Valium and Vicodin. His addiction got so bad that it landed him in the hospital, where doctors told him his use at that time equated to a person doing four bags of heroin and his organs were shutting down. One would think an almost-certain death experience would steer someone back in the right direction and away from substance abuse, yet

Eminem admits he relapsed several times after his release from the hospital.

He weighed 230 pounds in 2007, as consuming painkillers so frequently led to stomach problems that caused him to constantly eat to comfort his painful stomachaches. Soon after, Eminem personally enforced his own detox to reach sobriety, especially after he had been up 24 hours a day for three weeks. He revealed to MTV.com that he even had to re-learn certain motor and speaking skills. Eminem released his sixth studio album in 2009, titled “Relapse”, while his album in 2010 was called “Recovery”, both clearly in reference to his bout with addiction.

The Real (sober) Slim ShadyCelebrity Who Overcame an Addiction Series: Eminem

Upon coming down off the drugs, Eminem realized he needed another release besides music to fight his addiction. He turned to exercise, which included a regiment that had him running 17 miles per day and performing home-DVD workouts. Before heading to the studio in the morning, Eminem would run 8.5 miles, then another 8.5 miles after he left the studio at night. The weight he gained from complications of his addiction soon essentially melted off, as he dropped 80 pounds. Today, he’s in a happier place mentally and emotionally, as part of his decision to get sober from his addiction to prescription painkillers was for  the love of  his children. He’s noted that fighting his addiction is still an ongoing process, featuring plenty of personal growth.
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