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6 Rebuttals to Excuses Addicts Make to Get out of Attending Rehab

6 Rebuttals to Excuses Addicts Make to Get out of Attending Rehab

In part 1 of this series, we took a look at six common excuses addicts make to get out of going to rehab, and today we’re going to do a bit of a reversal. They say with every excuse, there’s a rebuttal, and that can certainly apply for your addicted loved one making an excuse to get out of attending rehab. Looking at our initial part’s excuses, here’s a rebuttal for each:

1. “Drug treatment is too long and basically like a jail.”

Rebuttal:There are programs that vary in length, including 30, 60 and 90 days. You will not be shackled, handcuffed or locked in a room at any time. Many programs, such as The Discovery House, offer luxury rehab facilities that feature nice rooms, serve great food and other positively fun activities. This will not be like serving a long jail sentence at all, plus it’s for your best long term well-being.”

2. “I just have way too much to do right now to enter an addiction treatment program.”

Rebuttal:Whatever it is that you feel needs your attention now is not as big a priority as you getting help for your addiction. Once you’re done with rehab, you’ll be able to come back and handle the things you need to handle. Plus, you won’t be as effective handling these things now, as you would be when you’re clean and sober. Right now, getting help and recovery treatment is the priority above everything.”

3. “Rehab is too expensive!”

Rebuttal:There weren’t any financial complaints when it came to asking people for money to enable your addiction. It’s time for a change, and everyone is willing to help you however possible, even if that means we have to pay for your treatment ourselves. If you wish, you can pay us back one day, but everyone’s main concern today is helping you get better The Discovery House even has options that work with healthcare insurance, as well as financing available.”

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4. “I can’t miss work or school to go to a treatment center.”

Rebuttal:You’re not at your best as an employee or student right now, and prolonging this is simply risking your life. After rehab, you can re-enroll in school or receive help finding a new job, but there’s no such thing as finding a new life.

5. “I’ll go to rehab only if I can…”

Rebuttal:In order for you to get the best care and treatment, and ultimately get better for good, you have to do things their way. They know what they’re doing and have helped a lot people, so if they’re not allowing phones, computers or other things, it’s for your own good. And that’s what this is all about in the first place.”

6. “I’m not THAT bad.”

Rebuttal: “This isn’t a comparison, nor is it about someone else. It’s about you, and how much we care for you. I’m concerned and so our other people, and from the outside looking in, your addiction is worse than you really believe. It’s time to get help.”

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