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A New Tool in the Fight against Teenage Drug Abuse

A New Tool in the Fight against Teenage Drug Abuse

With the opiate crisis still developing in mid-America, high schools have been fortunate enough to now be able to add Narcan, a drug that can prevent death during an opiate overdose, to their defenses to fight teenage drug abuse. Recently, Adapt Pharmacia, the company that manufactures Narcan, and the Clinton Health Matters initiative have joined forces in hopes of protecting America’s youths in this ongoing opiate battle. This partnership allows any high school in America to be able to get a free overdose reversal kit, which includes 2 doses of Narcan.


Will Naloxone Be Effective in the Fight Against Teenage Drug Abuse?

Narcan, also known as Naloxone, is easy to use, nasally administered drug that works by blocking the opioid receptors in the brain to prevent or ease an overdose caused by heroin, or other opiates like oxycodone. Narcan, which costs $75 dollars for 2 doses (each enough to stop a fatal overdose) was previously out of the reach of many high schools due to it’s cost, but this new partnership of Adapt Pharmacia and the Clinton Health Matters initiative has allowed the possibility to stop an overdose possible for every high school in America. Narcan is a very effective tool against opiate abuse, because it’s not addictive, not toxic, and it’s administered through a nasal spray, making it very easy and accessible.

A New Tool in the Fight against Teenage Drug Abuse

Linking Teenage Drug Abuse to the Heroin Epidemic in America

As we’ve discussed in an earlier blog, heroin and oxycodone abuse in America has been on a significant rise in the last few decades. It’s become such an issue that President Obama shared his thoughts on the subject during his final State of the Union address just a few weeks ago. The reason more and more teens are turning to opiate drug abuse is because of the availability. In the last few decades, more and more prescriptions for painkillers have been written, while at the same time, the drugs produced are more concentrated and potent. Because of the increased use of heroin and other opiates, many cities, such as Baltimore have begun training city employees on how to successfully administer Narcan. In the last year, Baltimore trained 4,400 people, which is 4 times the amount trained in 2014. Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, another producer of Naloxone, claimed that Naloxone is the number one ordered drug by law enforcement, and other government agencies. Due to its popularity, and necessity, most producers of Naloxone have unfortunately raised prices of the important drug. In February, the average cost of the drug was only $20, now that price has almost doubled.

The hope is that this new partnership will expand the use and knowledge of Narcan in the event of an overdose. With new drug programs becoming available like this, hopefully, teenage drug abuse will decrease from this current expanse in the number of cases.

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