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5 Things Every Recovering Addict should be Thankful For in Recovery

5 Things Every Recovering Addict should be Thankful For in Recovery

Thanksgiving is on November 26th, and many typically use the eleventh month of the year to acknowledge everything that they are grateful for in their lives. As a recovering addict, you also have much to be thankful for as well. You’ve been through a lot and have overcome many obstacles in your life. While everyone has a different story, here are five things every recovering addict should be thankful for in recovery.

Your strength

Now that you’re in recovery, if you do not believe how strong you are as a person, then you’re sadly mistaken. Overcoming any addiction is tough, and you’re on your way to beating it. That, kind friend, takes courage and strength. Just the fact you were strong enough to admit you had a problem and seek help took a lot of internal strength. Each day that passes by without you using again also takes much strength, and without it, who knows where you’d be right now. Truthfully told: be thankful for your inner strength!

Your loved ones

Your family and/or friends who have supported you throughout your time in rehab treatment and now in recovery—you must be thankful for them. If not for their support and inspiration, you may still be traveling down the dark path of addiction that you were once on. Every conversation you have with them. Every phone call. Every text. Every email. Every smile…Cherish them and be thankful for all of your loved ones.

Rehab treatment center staff

You also should be thankful for the people at the rehab treatment center for both your inpatient and outpatient care. You should be thankful for everyone from your counselors, therapists, doctors, nurses, operations staff and others who helped with your care and treatment. This where you likely discovered there indeed was hope for you and the people at your rehab center are the ones who helped you. Be thankful that there are people out there who have a passion for helping those who need addiction treatment and care, because you probably wouldn’t be where you’re at without them.

Your support group

Just about every rehab treatment program will recommend a support group upon completion. Many of them will suggest a 12 step group, and it’s vital as a recovering addict you find one that suits your comfort level. When you do, you’ll quickly realize how thankful you are to have a support group as you continue your long term recovery. Along with your sponsor, your group will always be there for you through the ups and downs of your recovery over time. Be thankful for having an outlet of support!

Your life

After all that you’ve been through during your struggles with your addiction, be thankful for your life and that you’re alive. You likely now realize how important your health and well-being are, which should make you even more thankful. Whatever your addiction was, it was surely leading you down the wrong path and one that could have easily ended with you in poor condition or in death. The fact that you’re alive and reading this is more than enough for you to feel grateful and appreciative of the life and opportunities ahead of you!

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