5 Things to Do Everyday to Help Your Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction: 5 Simple Things That Can Help You

A common misconception that a lot of people have in regards to recovery from alcohol addiction, is that you go to rehab, you get better, and then you move on with your life. In majority of cases, however, in order to maintain your sobriety you have to work at it every day, even after you’ve completed alcohol addiction treatment. The simplest way to do this is to have an aftercare relapse prevention plan in place. It is also vital to your recovery to work the steps or do things every day that help keep you on your path of recovery and ensure long-term sobriety. Here are five things you can do to elevate your recovery.

What to do to Aid Your Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

5 Things to Do Everyday to Help Your Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Start Your Day with Something That Inspires You

Wake yourself up in the morning by doing something that makes you feel like your best self. Yoga, meditation, or even sipping a cup of coffee while you catch up on the news gives you a little time to yourself to be mindful and will fill you up with positive intention to last all day long.

5 Things to Help Your Recovery from Alcohol Addiction


Fuel Your Body with Wholesome Foods

Especially in early recovery, your odd food cravings are going to be off the charts. Alcohol addiction, and more specifically addiction withdrawal, has adverse affects on your mind, spirit, as well as your body. Throughout your entire alcohol addiction recovery, it is so important to fuel your body with wholesome and healthy foods in order to help your physical body recover as close to it’s original state as you can.

5 Things to Help Your Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Get High in Other Ways

Just because you are sober doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to “get high.” The feelings that you get from using drugs or drinking alcohol have long been associated with feelings of happiness, bliss, euphoria BUT participating in addictive behaviors is not the only way to feel these awesome feelings. Things like running, yoga, meditation, or being creative can give similar feelings and are much healthier positive alternatives.

5 Things to Help Your Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Build a Strong Support System

Befriending people who also have the disease of addiction/alcoholism has to become a priority in sobriety. After all, we need a sponsor to work us through the steps. We need to be around other addicts and alcoholics who understand us, people who can help us maneuver this beautiful experience called life. Connecting with people who navigate a daily life that doesn’t include drugs and alcohol can help you stay clean.

5 Things to Do Everyday to Help Your Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Live Your Purpose

We’ve all pondered the meaning of life and finding your purpose or mission is possibly one of the most gratifying things you can do. Doing all of the above can help you figure out what exactly it is but if you are still not sure what your purpose is, don’t worry. Work toward it each day and keep on going.


About the Reviewer: Chris Barnes

Chris BarnesChristopher Barnes has worked in health care for over thirty years. He is a graduate of Alabama State University where he earned a double Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work and Psychology in 1982. Christopher Barnes is currently the Director of Clinical services at The Discovery House where he has been employed for the past five years. Because of his extensive experience in health care & substance abuse he has an excellent rapport with constituents, clients, and other professional organizations in the counseling/social service community.

0 thoughts on “Alcohol Addiction: 5 Simple Things That Can Help You

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      The Discovery House says:

      Hi Sally,

      Thank you so much for you encouraging words. You’re so right. It’s all about “Just For Today” and taking it one step at a time. It does get easier as you progress.

      Thanks again for sharing!

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      The Discovery House says:

      Hi Shawn,

      Thank you for your honesty. You’re right. Recovering from alcoholism is definitely not easy at all but the most important thing to remember is that it’s possible. With the right treatment and a solid support system you can get better. We are here if you want to talk about your options. You can reach us at (855)-203-7930.

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