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Residential Drug Treatment Center

There are many options available when it comes to drug or alcohol treatment, and because some individuals require more help and intensive therapy than others, some programs are designed to offer more structure and support. A residential treatment center is beneficial for individuals who need more care than an outpatient program would provide.

The Discovery House’s residential drug alcohol treatment center provides a highly structured, monitored environment in a private, home-like setting that offers residents serenity as they begin their long-­term recovery. Residential treatment helps ensure that residents do not have access to their drugs or alcohol while in their program and that they can receive full time support during their recovery.

The Discovery House Residential Treatment Center

The Discovery House’s residential treatment center is located in beautifully landscaped homes that are built from the ground up exclusively for residential treatment. This calm, comfortable, serene environment makes it easier for residents to commit to the treatment process. Our caring, credentialed, professional staff will help you or your loved one throughout the entire program. At The Discovery House we provide patients with an unparalleled continuum of care. Each individual at The Discovery House receives an individualized treatment plan that meets their specific needs. The minimum duration of the residential program is 30 days; however, many of our residents continue on to additional phases of care, which allows them to participate in and benefit from our addiction treatment programs

Our knowledgeable staff are experts in long-­term recovery and work to encourage and motivate our residents on a daily basis. Most of our residents develop a strong bond of trust with our staff during residential treatment. This is the patients’ recovery, and we work with individuals to design the treatment program around their needs, choices and concerns.

The Discovery House helps residents through the entire process of recovery. From our sub-acute detox program to inpatient care to our outpatient treatment, we ensure participants are getting the help they need for sustained recovery.

Residential Drug Treatment Center

Going through residential treatment at the best drug and alcohol treatment centers, such as The Discovery House, ensures a more complete chance at recovery. While in residential drug treatment, participants can expect to take part in one-on-one counseling sessions, psychological therapy, behavioral therapy and group therapy. Our treatment program and luxury rehab facilities are designed to help individuals address the issues underlying their addiction in order to help them heal completely and avoid relapse. During residential drug treatment, addicts learn how to manage stress and develop new coping skills that allow them to live without their substances, so that when they are ready to transition back to their regular life, they are prepared to maintain their sobriety.

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