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We understand the difficulties of needing help in battling drug or alcohol addiction. That’s why we provide cutting-edge residential treatment centers  in Reseda, CA that will help you overcome your substance use disorder and live a normal life again! The Discovery House provides inpatient treatment for individuals who have been battling their own battles as well as out-of-state visitors who accept most major insurance plans.

We provide a wide range of treatments to help you recover from your drug and alcohol addiction and get your life back on track. We realize that you reside in the Augusta area, where addiction can be a tough illness to fight. With our assistance, you can achieve sobriety and live a life substance free.

Our Treatment Centers Are Serving AUGUSTA, MAINE

We accept most private health insurance

We are helping residents in Augusta for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We provide treatment services that are JCAHO-approved and accept most insurance plans. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations has made certain that we maintain high standards throughout the process of serving our community with substance abuse treatment to ensure the greatest care possible.

Do you have a furry friend with you? The Discovery House welcomes you to bring your friend to our treatment center during your stay. We have a number of on-site amenities to keep your pet happy and healthy while you focus on your recovery.

Start your journey today.

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You require the finest possible therapy environment for your recovery, which is precisely what we provide at our rehab facility. You can rely on us from detox through discharge!

✓ Sub-Acute Drug & Alcohol Detox
✓ Residential Addiction Treatment
✓ Counseling & Therapy
✓ Discharge Planning

















In order to safeguard the safety and well-being of our patients, we are subjected to stringent inspections in order for us to maintain the highest possible standards in treating drug and alcohol addiction.

✓ Licensed by State of California
✓ Legit Script Certified
✓ Joint Commission Gold Seal
✓ Around the clock staff
low counselor client ratio when getting treatment at the discovery house
We offer individualized substance abuse treatment because our programs are designed specifically for you and your demands, ensuring that they become something entirely yours.

✓ Low Client to Counselor Ratio
✓ Maximum Treatment Effectiveness
✓ Unique programs for unique cases












If you are from the Augusta area looking to break free from addiction, this is perfect for you.

We understand the difficulty of fighting addiction, which is why our rehab center is opening its doors for Maine. Our treatment center is a detox and residential treatment that offers detox, individualized care, and a supportive environment to help you achieve sobriety.

Individualized Treatment Plans

A variety of addiction treatment strategies exist to help patients suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Each individual is different, yet they all have similar traits that may be incorporated into a customized addiction therapy plan. We make careful to evaluate any mental health issues you might have, such as co-occurring conditions, so that we can work on both your physical and mental well-being simultaneously throughout this process of recovery in order for it to be more long-term sustainable.

A Place To Heal Your Mind, Body, And Soul

drug and alcohol addiction is a highly unpleasant and complex condition. That’s why we provide group therapy and various activities to aid you in healing not just your substance abuse, but any other trauma or suffering that might be keeping you from being the best version of yourself in life!

Start Your Substance Abuse treatment Today

You don’t have to wait any longer. Learn more about the addiction treatment options we offer for Augusta, ME. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you who needed a helping hand after overcoming their own personal battles with substance misuse disorders, so why not come find out how our services can benefit your life too?






Drug & Alcohol Detox (Up To 7 Days)

✓ Most Insurances Accepted
✓ Minimal Time Commitment
✓ Detox from ALL Substances

Inpatient Treatment (Up To 30 Days)

✓ Learn How to Live Sober
✓ Introduction to Recovery
✓ Treatment for ALL Addictions

Long Term Rehab (Up To 90 Days)

✓ Full Continuum of Care
✓ Highest Rate of Long Term Success
✓ Lowest Relapse Rates



What does a rehab center do?

The greatest effective addiction treatment centers base their methods on the best available evidence and adapt them to your specific needs. Behavioral Healing & Counseling Groups, for example, concentrate heavily on group therapy for mental health, while others use more personalized methods such as behavioral counseling, in which one person focuses solely on assisting clients cope individually without any outside assistance or advice – this can be especially beneficial if there are certain topics that make us uncomfortable discussing at home such as drug and alcohol addiction.

What if I live in Augusta, Maine?

The Discovery House is here to help people struggling with substance abuse. We offer services that will benefit anyone struggling with addiction, whether you live locally or are from Augusta. Call us today for an appointment where our team can assess your situation and provide personalized advice on what next steps would be best suited towards achieving sobriety again.

How much does it cost to go to rehab if I’m in Augusta?

Rehab costs will vary depending on the treatment you choose. A 30-day inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program costs an average of $30,000. This cost can differ based on the length and location of the rehab facility.

How long does it take to get clean in rehab?

Rehab programs should be tailored to the individual needs of the person. For those who require more than three months for substance abuse, longer periods are likely going provide greater results in terms of sobriety maintenance.

What kind of insurance do we take?

Even if you live in Augusta, ME – we help residents who are out of state and take most insurance providers.

We know how important it is to find a treatment option that works for you. Let us help! We can help you find the best rehabilitation program that is tailored specifically just for you.

How Our Treatment Program Works

The first stage of substance abuse treatment is detoxification. Our staff of specialists will assist you during withdrawal while ensuring that your bodily systems are running smoothly and safely.

Detox can assist the body’s preparation for more advanced therapy, such as rehabilitation.

For an example, Heroin targets pleasure receptors, generating a powerful withdrawal symptom. Before going to inpatient rehab, acknowledging a detox facility while experiencing strong opioid withdrawal may help ease the pain.

Our detox program will help ease the pain you are experiencing from withdrawals. 

We use a variety of methods that make sure your stay with us is as comfortable and smooth.

Some of the methods we use are :

– Counseling

– Medication

– Nutritional support

The initial step in our detox therapy is counseling, which is an essential component.

Our patients require this so they may recognize their addiction and the actions that must be taken in order to recover from drug or alcohol dependence, as well as medication that aids with withdrawal symptoms while also making your recovery go much smoother overall!

We also give nutritional assistance that heals bodily damage caused by drug addiction or alcoholism, allowing you to get back on track!

Is The Discovery House an alcohol treatment center?

The Discovery House is here to assist you in regaining control of your life one step at a time. We provide alcohol treatment for people in Augusta, Maine, and start with an evaluation that will guide our specialists down the correct road towards customizing individualized treatment plans JUST FOR YOU! Our services include detoxification through rehabilitation, so you may choose any option – from moderate to severe addiction.

What are the benefits of completing an addiction treatment program at The Discovery House?

After you enroll in our Augusta, ME drug rehabilitation program, you will receive the personalized care that you need. You may learn more about how substance addiction has a hold on your life by working one-on-one with our highly experienced specialists.

Coping and problem-solving abilities are critical for everyday life, but they might be difficult to acquire on your own. In our group session, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with individuals who are going through similar situation.

Completing an addiction treatment program is a huge accomplishment and can give you hope for the future. All these factors together will make all of difference in your recovery.

What is the most popular program for recovering alcoholics?

AA has been used as a type of addiction therapy for decades. It makes use of spiritual notions that are necessary to someone’s recovery, and they assist in the restoration process during rehabilitation.

What is inpatient treatment?

The inpatient phase of addiction treatment will begin once you have completed detox.

You’ll have 24-hour access to our residential services, where we provide a safe haven for your recovery from addictions and other mental health issues that can be affecting how well they function at home or work.

Inpatient treatment usually lasts 30 days, but can be customized to meet your unique needs.

During this time, you’ll receive intensive individual and group therapy sessions that will help you identify and address the root causes of your addiction.

You’ll also learn how to manage triggers and cravings, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and build a support network that you can rely on long after you leave our care.

If necessary, we can also provide medication management services to help ensure that you’re on the right track for success.

Inpatient treatment will help you to:

– Learn about your addiction and how to overcome it

– Develop healthy coping skills

– Build a support system

– Learn how to live a sober life

The most essential thing you can do to overcome addiction is to learn about it. Understanding why someone becomes hooked on drugs or alcohol, as well as how they may reclaim control of their life from the grip of desire, will lead them down a road where relapse is less probable as new healthy coping strategies form within their mind-body connection, allowing for stability.

The inpatient treatment program at our facility offers patients in Augusta the opportunity to recover from addiction with a goal of sobriety. During this time, we work closely together and provide you with skills needed for long-term sobriety by individualized attention that is tailored specifically toward your needs!

Is long term rehab necessary?

Being away from home might aid recovery because patients will be away from their environment where they know illegal substances are easily accessible.

If you require long-term treatment, our system is designed to aid people in returning to society after completing their stay at our drug and alcohol rehab center. We provide a longer period of care for those who have completed therapy and want more help beyond what was provided.

It takes time for someone who has been addicted to overcome the addiction. That’s why rehabilitation centers offer long-term treatment that can last up 90 days, and it is also important in helping people fight their urge of craving more drugs or alcohol again after they’re done with recovery programs because this will allow them have a better chance at living life substance free.

What other substance abuse treatment programs do we offer?

Our team is here to assist you in overcoming your addiction and getting on the road to sobriety.

Outpatient care is available and can be tailored for people who require more flexible treatment options but still want a secure location where they may heal their lives one day at a time.

What is an outpatient treatment?

Outpatient treatment is for people who have finished in-patient therapy and are ready to go back to their regular routines.

Because it allows you to put what you’ve learned during in-patient treatment into action, outpatient treatment is critical.

It also allows you to get therapeutic help.

Outpatient treatment will help you to:

– Transition back into your everyday life

– Put into practice what you have learned during inpatient treatment

– Receive support from our team of professionals on an as-needed basis

What is aftercare?

Aftercare is for individuals who have finished treatment and are ready to live a sober lifestyle.

Aftercare is important since it provides a network of people and resources that can assist you in maintaining your sobriety.

Aftercare will help you to:

– Stay sober

– Build a support system

– Access resources to help you maintain your sobriety.

Why is mental health services administration important for recovery process?

The significance of mental health is impossible to overstate, as it helps us understand why our patients got hooked to drugs in the first place.

Our rehabilitation center offers services that address any underlying problems that may have triggered their drug and alcohol addiction through a psychological and emotional evaluation, allowing us to craft the best kind of treatment that would work for them!

We are here to help you find your way. Our drug and alcohol rehab center is made up of some of the best minds in this field, and they will do everything within their power for an effective treatment plan that fits what is going on with you personally.

We have a team of trained professionals that can help you get your life back. Services include cognitive behavioral therapy and medication assisted treatments for those who are ready, as well as dual diagnosis treatment to address co occurring disorders or trauma history.

What is cognitive behavioral therapy?

CBT is a type of psychotherapy that aims to help individuals change their thinking and actions.

It follows the belief that our ideas, emotions, and behaviors are linked.

Many mental health problems, such as addiction, can be treated effectively with cognitive-behavioral therapy. It can assist you in the following ways:

– Change your thinking

– Change your behavior

– cope with stress

– manage your emotions.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

People with both a mental illness and substance addiction require dual diagnosis therapy. It’s critical to address both problems at the same time since they’re typically linked.

Treating both disorders together can help you to:

– Address the underlying causes of your addiction

– Learn healthy coping skills

– manage your symptoms.

What is medication-assisted treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment is for opioid users who need assistance with their addiction.

It entails the use of medicine to help you recover from your addiction.

You can benefit from medication-assisted treatment in the following ways:

– detox from opioids

– reduce your cravings for opioids

– manage your withdrawal symptoms.

What is trauma-informed care?

Trauma-informed care is for individuals who have experienced trauma.

It is based on the belief that traumatic experiences might induce addiction and other mental illnesses.

Trauma-informed care can help you to:

– understand how your trauma has affected you

– cope with your trauma

– heal from your trauma.

What is motivational interviewing?

Motivational interviewing is a form of therapy that aims to change people’s actions.

It follows from the assumption that individuals are more likely to modify their behavior if they are inspired to do so.

You can use motivational interviewing to:

– Change your thinking

– Change your behavior

– cope with stress

– manage your emotions.

What is the highest level of care in treatment centers?

The care spectrum ranges from low-quality first-line therapies to high-quality inpatient therapy.

Clients may get treatment at one or more levels, and their demands might change over time for improved outcomes.

What do people wear in rehab centers?

You’ll get up and put on clothes for therapy during your day while you’re in treatment.

Prepare yourself with a variety of comfy loose fitting clothing as well as other personal belongings!

What to expect after you leave rehab?

Getting straight back into the swing of things can be tough after treatment.

You might have withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and feelings during the first few days.

To assist you through this time, it’s critical to have a support network.

After you leave rehab, you will need to:

– Follow your treatment plan

– Attend support groups

– Find a sponsor

– Stay connected to your support system.

If you do relapse, it is important to remember that it is not a failure. It is part of the recovery process. You can get back on track by:

– Going to a support group

– Calling your sponsor

– Connecting with your support system.

The Discovery House is a drug and alcohol rehab facility and we are serving people living in Augusta.

We can assist you in overcoming addiction and living a sober lifestyle.

We provide a wide range of services to fit your specific needs.

How to find the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment center?

The search for the perfect rehab center can be daunting, but it is important that you research each one to find a facility with an approach tailored specifically to your needs. There are different types of drug and alcohol treatment programs out there.

Look for a treatment center that offers detoxification, as well as individual or group therapy.

The finest rehabilitation centers will give you with everything you need to get back on your feet after undergoing substance abuse treatment.

It is critical to locate a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that meets JCAHO standards.

This accreditation ensures that the facility provides certain levels of care to its patients, so locating one with this recognition will ensure you receive high-quality treatment.

The staff at the rehab center should be able to answer any queries you may have about your treatment.

It should be kept in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment when looking for a drug or alcohol rehab. The ideal addiction treatment center for you is the one that addresses your specific demands.