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12 Step Program for Addiction Treatment

One of the most common support programs that is used to help someone recover in addiction treatment is the 12 Step Program. It was designed in the 1940s by Alcoholics Anonymous co-­founder, Bill W. and has been used by addicts for the past 70 years and continues to be a foundation for many addiction treatment programs because it is truly an effective way for an addict to dedicate their life to being sober.

At The Discovery House luxury rehab facilities, we offer the 12 Step Program for both alcohol and drug recovery. This program promotes whole healing of the person’s life and relies on help from others to aid in recovery.

12 Step Program to Manage Stress

When someone starts abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place, it is often a way for them to cope with stress, disappointment or trauma in their life. As the individual continues to self-­medicate with drugs or alcohol, they quickly become dependent on the substance. The 12 Step Program helps residents of long term treatment centers for addiction identify their underlying issues and work through them as they recover. This program, along with our addiction therapynutrition program, and family program, is very effective in helping residents of our drug alcohol treatment center learn how to manage stress as they begin their life of sobriety.

2 Step Programs for Lifelong Sobriety

Because addiction to drugs or alcohol completely controls addicts’ lives, even after recovery, taking one more drink often leads to complete relapse. For someone in recovery, it is impossible to use their substance “just once.” That one time leads to another, and before the person knows it, they are addicted again. With complete abstinence, the person removes that temptation to drink more than they should.

For the best long-term recovery results, complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol is necessary after treatment. The Discovery House helps connect individuals in recovery with support groups to help them avoid relapse. Support group members find great strength and encouragement from other members, as they all live in sobriety together and know that others are feeling the same challenges to abstain.

The Discovery House offers complete addiction treatment services.

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