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Treatment for Heroin Overdose

Heroin is a very powerful street drug, derived from the poppy plant. Heroin users can snort or inhale the drug, but it is most commonly injected straight into the bloodstream. When heroin is injected, the drug is immediately taken up into the brain. This method bypasses the body’s natural filtration system, leaving it unable to protect itself against overdose.

Heroin purity and concentration can vary by seller and producer, which makes it difficult for the user to know when they’ve had too much. Street heroin is often mixed with fillers or adulterants, and the buyer rarely knows what toxins are in the drug they inject. For all these reasons and because heroin addicts quickly begin to crave and use more and more of their drug, heroin overdose is a very real risk for anyone using this substance. Anyone who suspects they or someone else has overdosed on heroin should seek immediate medical help.

Heroin Abuse Treatment

At our luxury rehab facilities, the Discovery House helps individuals cleanse their body of heroin and other drugs in our heroin withdrawal addiction treatment programs. After the person is physically clean of heroin, they must begin the long journey to rebuild a drug free life. This is done during our inpatient and outpatient phases of recovery. Therapists at The Discovery House, one of the nation’s best drug and alcohol treatment centers, help residents identify and address the underlying causes of their heroin addiction. We use different therapies and heroin treatment options to help individuals get clean and remain free from heroin addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a heroin addiction, don’t wait. Heroin overdose can be fatal, and the sooner a person gets help at long term treatment centers for addiction, the better their chances will be at a complete recovery.

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