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Options for Heroin Treatment

Heroin addiction can quickly take over an individual’s life. Even a one-time use of this drug can leave the user craving more. Heroin users rapidly lose control of their life, not caring about things that were once important to them. They may lose their job, their home and their family as the drug takes top priority in their life. Anyone struggling with heroin addiction should find help right away at one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers. There are many different heroin treatment options that can provide hope and healing to addicts.

Addiction is a progressive disease, and heroin especially can cause the user to become dependent on the substance very quickly and then continue to decline rapidly. There is also a serious risk for heroin overdose, which can be fatal. As the disease progresses, it becomes harder and harder to reach the individual, and they will be more likely to relapse. However, there is hope for anyone with a heroin addiction, and The Discovery House staff is ready to help those in need with therapy and heroin addiction treatment. Early intervention and addiction treatment programs offer the best chance at success for complete recovery from addiction.

Heroin Treatment Options

The Discovery House offers comprehensive heroin treatment options. At our luxury rehab facilities, we walk individuals through their recovery, ensuring that all their needs are met. We begin with heroin withdrawal treatment, during which time patients go through the sub-acute detox phase of recovery. Residents are then transitioned into our residential treatment program, where they begin intensive therapy sessions to help them overcome their addiction. Following inpatient therapy, our Discovery Transitions outpatient program helps individuals remain sober as they choose to live in one of our Circle of Hope transitional living residences or return to living on their own or with family. The Discovery House staff continues to work with residents even after their treatment program is complete, through our alumni program.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Options

The Discovery House’s heroin addiction treatment options include behavioral therapy sessions, process group and other types of therapies such as Music, Nutrition and Yoga. We help residents get to the heart of their addiction, to heal the different aspects of their lives and to learn how to rebuild relationships. All of the therapies at our long term treatment centers for addiction work in tandem to offer holistic healing that will last.

The Discovery House is a fully licensed drug alcohol treatment center, accredited by the Joint Commission, the highest accrediting body in the treatment field. Individuals can feel comfortable knowing that we meet or exceed all the industry standards, providing each resident with the very best care. Nationwide, less than 6% of all treatment centers have a Joint Commission accreditation.

If you are struggling with heroin addiction, now is the time to get help. Contact our caring staff to learn more about your heroin addiction treatment options.

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