Why Work With The Discovery House?

We know what you’re thinking. What makes us one of the best addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles? There is a ton of competition to be sure. However, there are just a few things that truly set us apart from the bunch. 

Why We Are One of the Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

Joint Commission Accredited Facility

We meet all inspection and safety standards that are required of hospitals in the United States. Fewer than six percent of all addiction treatment programs in the country hold this accreditation. Just another way that we demonstrate our dedication to quality addiction treatment. Learn more about the Joint Commission

Individualized Treatment Plans

Instead of a “cookie cutter” approach, we meet our clients where they are in the stages of change. We create a custom treatment plan that will address their unique needs and requirements.

“We know that recovery is a lifelong commitment, therefore, we provide a full continuum of care to ensure long-term success.”

Addiction Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

3:1 Client to Counselor Ratio

Caseloads maximize the effectiveness of the treatment experience and we maintain a three clients per one counselor ratio specifically for this purpose.

Family Oriented Programs

Addiction is a family disease and that means that when one member of the family struggles with addiction the entire family is impacted. At The Discovery House, families are encouraged to take part in the recovery process.

Continuum of Care Model

Continued care beyond residential treatment gives people a better a chance of a sustained long-term recovery. We guide each client through each level of care to ensure the highest level of success for their recovery.

Addiction Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

Our residential addiction treatment programs help clients address the underlying issues of their addiction. Most of all, learning how to maintain sobriety and be accountable to yourself and others is integral to the success of your recovery. Finally, clients will learn how to develop coping skills which will allow them to live a balanced and substance-free life.

Intensive Outpatient Program

At Discovery Transitions, we strongly believe in an individualized approach to recovery. Some clients need the structured environment that a residential program can provide. Consequently, others may benefit from the flexibility of an intensive outpatient program.

Alumni Program

Since community involvement is an important component to long-term recovery, we encourage all alumni to participate. Our active alumni program offers recovery support, motivation, and relapse prevention. Furthermore, our alumni coordinator reaches out frequently to keep everyone connected to the group and to share their recovery.

Transitional Living Addiction Treatment Programs

Clients in our transitional living program have the freedom of independent living with the support of a well-structured household environment. In addition, each client continues to develop new coping skills and find substance-free solutions to their stressors that at one time seemed impossible to manage. Most of all, every client in the transitional living program has the support and encouragement they need.