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8 Ways to Actually Have Fun on Halloween in Sobriety

8 Ways to Actually Have Fun on Halloween in Sobriety

Halloween in sobriety can be tough. It marks the first of many Fall-Winter holidays that are socially centered around drinking. Honestly, though? The holiday can be so much more than an excuse to dress up and get wasted. There are so many ways that you can still have fun without drinking being the main event.

Here are just a few ideas to inspire your sober Halloween plans.

halloween in sobriety

Throw a Sober Halloween Party (costumes mandatory)

Hosting a party in your own home is a great way to celebrate the holiday while sticking to your sober lifestyle and it allows for a controlled environment. You will know all the guests, you choose what will go on the menu, and you will choose what activities will shape the party. This way you can ensure that you or your friends aren’t around anything that may be a trigger.

Organize a Scary Movie Marathon

Grab the popcorn, invite some friends, and set up camp on your couch for the night. Choose your favorite scary movies or have everyone agree on a theme and curate a list that mimics that theme (ie. vampires, ghosts, or aliens). Better yet, DVR all the Halloween specials leading up to the holiday and watch them on Halloween night.

Get Yourself to an NA/AA Support Meeting

Support groups of all types always have exciting sober events planned. Look up your local NA/AA group and see if they are up to anything you might fancy. Also, if you are feeling up to it, you can take the lead on planning an event with a group that you already attend.

halloween in sobriety

Bake Some Spooky Sober Cookies

This is a great idea for all ages, but especially great if you have kids. Before you embark on your trick or treating, set up a baking station with orange, black, and green candies and decorate some sober sugar cookies. We heart this sugar cookie recipe by Sober Julie. *Extra points for a Halloween themed playlist that plays in the background.

Plan Your Own Halloween Themed Dinner Party

If you are looking for a more refined way to spend your evening, a Halloween themed dinner party could be just the thing. Decorate your dining space with spider webs, pumpkins, and candles for spooky feel or take to Pinterest for ideas on decorations, table settings, and party themes.

Volunteer in Your Community

As it turns out, car accidents caused by drunk drivers are far more common than poisoned candy (aka Halloween sadism). Volunteer at your neighborhood watch committee (if you have one) to help keep kids safe while they trick-or-treat.


Have a Pumpkin Carving Party

This is one of our favorite ways to have fun on Halloween. Get a few friends together at someone’s house or apartment for a low-key pumpkin carving party. Put on some music, carve the pumpkins, and roast the seeds. If you want to, make a competition out of it. Give away prizes for the most creative pumpkin.

Go on a Frightful Adventure

If you’re one of those people who actually like to be scared, organize a haunted house tour. Research notoriously scary spots in your city and create a custom tour for you and your friends. Escape rooms are also really popular right now.

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