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6 Common Excuses an Addict Uses to Get out of Going to Rehab

6 Common Excuses an Addict Uses to Get out of Going to Rehab

Getting yourself or your loved one to understand rehab is needed to help their addiction is difficult and challenging. When approached with the idea of getting help and going to rehab, the addict likely will come up with an excuse as to why they do not need it. Today’s blog on The Discovery House will take a quick look at some common excuses an addict will make to get out of going to rehab.

1. “Drug treatment is too long and basically like a jail.”

A lot of people envision rehab as a super long process of several enduring months, with people trapped inside among zombies. Listen, it’s not like that—especially at The Discovery House. Our luxury rehab facilities have outstanding and interactive programs surely to not make you or your loved one feel trapped, smothered or having to endure a drawn-out rehabilitation process.

2. “I just have way too much to do right now to enter an addiction treatment program.”

An addict who uses this excuse probably is stalling, as sobriety lingo refers to it as “running”. The addict is running around doing more drugs and drinking, and thus stalling from having to go to rehab. It’s a form of manipulation, which is a skill that an addict learns how to utilize well during their addiction.

addiction rehab3. “Rehab is too expensive!”

Ah yes, money. The thing that pretty much everything always comes down to. While you can’t knock someone for their financial situation, this is still an excuse an addict could make. Even if family and friends offer to pay for rehab, turning them down likely is due to the addict knowing they will not have any more enabling money to support their addiction. So, the money card will be pulled out all as an excuse to not go to rehab.

4. “I can’t miss work or school to go to a treatment center.”

In the cases where an addict still has a job or still is even attending school, they’ll probably try this excuse at some point too. Particularly for those with jobs, their paychecks are helping support their addiction, so anything that involves the stopping of receiving needed funding for their habit, they’re going to be completely against.

5. “I’ll go to rehab only if I can…”

Attaching a condition to attending rehab is a popular excuse for addicts. This is indeed another form of both stalling and manipulation, as they’ll try to say “I’ll go, but only if I can take my phone too,” or “only if I can bring a computer”, or provide other stipulations. Many addicts already know they’ll be discouraged from bringing their cell phones and personal laptops, among other items when they attend rehab.

6. “I’m not THAT bad.”

For some addicts, denial and stubbornness have become two of their most prominent qualities. When approached with the idea of going to rehab, they will feel they are not in as bad a shape as they probably are. They’ll try to fabricate their frequency of using and/or compare it with another person’s habit to lead one to believe their addiction is not bad enough to go to rehab—when it indeed is.

If you or your loved one are struggling with an addiction, do not make excuses. Call The Discovery House today at 888.962.8208 to get help.