Family Creates Holiday Display to Spread Addiction Awareness

Family Creates Holiday Display to Spread Addiction Awareness

The Kurtz family of Bel Air, Maryland made a change to their yearly Christmas light display to recognize, and spread awareness of their daughter’s drug addiction.  For the past 4 years, Jim Kurtz and his family have set up a high-tech holiday display that shines bright and spreads the cheers of the holiday season around Bel Air.  This year, the family decided, after much deliberation, to include a segment in their holiday display that they dedicated to their 23-year-old daughter Caroline who is currently in recovery from drug addiction.

Jim Kurtz stated the reason behind the new segment of the display is education.  The idea came to him and his wife as their county has been hit, like the rest of the country, with a new heroin problem.    “If I can just reach one parent, if I can help one parent learn something the easy way that I had to learn the hard way, I figure it was worth it.”  The added segment of the holiday display is backed by Rachel Platten’s hit “Fight Song.”  At the end of the show, a voice comes over the intercom and reminds the audience to remember those in recovery, and that drug and alcohol is a disease, not a choice.  It can affect anyone.

We’ve posted the video of the holiday display below and we recommend that you spend a few minutes watching it.  We guarantee it’ll give you a warm feeling in your heart.

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