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The Discovery House’s Alumni Program

When you are discharged from one of our addiction treatment programs at The Discovery House, you will have reliable relapse prevention tools, talents and education to help you stay sober. But what if you feel you need to touch base with us?

The relationships that you will develop during your stay at The Discovery House are ongoing, long-term and important to us as well!

Monthly Alumni Meetings

You are welcome and encouraged to join us every month for our standing Alumni meeting, as well as our weekend family days. You will be able to stay in touch with friends that you made during your stay at our drug alcohol treatment center, as well as make new ones. You’ll get to touch base with The Discovery House staff to let them know how you are doing. At The Discovery House, ranked among the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in America, we have an open door policy for our alumni, because we want you to succeed.

Part of our alumni program is social, and part of it consists of relapse prevention group activities that are peer designed and staff supported. Each monthly meeting is a bit of both. Studies show that support groups like AA, NA or our alumni program are effective in preventing relapse because they provide encouragement and motivation to stay substance-free. We have designed our alumni program to provide support to members and also to help them get involved with positive activities in the community.

Alumni programs mean strong relapse prevention

As a member of The Discovery House alumni program, you will always have numbers to call and people to turn to, who understand that the transition home or into a new life of sobriety isn’t always easy.

Our alumni group has planned outings to help you learn to have fun without substances. You will also be able to take an active part in the planning and participation in community volunteer activities. You’ll continue learning to enjoy your life healthy and sober. This is one of the core components to a good relapse prevention plan.

Not knowing what to do or who to turn to in times of crisis can lead back into the substance abuse nightmare that you want to leave behind. A relapse prevention program that includes alumni meetings at The Discovery House means that you will always have a supportive group to turn to when you need them most.

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