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Ways Drugs Are Abused

Ways Drugs Are Abused

Methods Of Drug Abuse

There are many different ways that drugs can be abused, and many different types of drugs. Some drugs make you feel mellow, some make you feel perky. Some make you hallucinate, and some make you grind your teeth until they fall out of your head. A lot of people don’t understand what leads people to abuse such toxic substances. Unfortunately, there is still a huge stigma that exists when it comes to addiction.

A lot of folks have a holier-than thou approach. They believe that there is something inherently wrong with someone who develops an addiction. They believe that not being an addict somehow makes you morally superior. The only way that we can truly battle addiction is to educate ourselves, and each other.

If we understand the factors that lead people to abuse drugs, we have a much better chance of getting people clean.

Drug addiction is extremely complex. Many people who abuse drugs get to that point because of some type of trauma or event in their past that led them to it. We all try to cover up our pain and our fears in all sorts of ways. Food addiction is a big issue in this country.

The ways that we entertain ourselves can become addictive. A lot of us are addicted to our phones. So why do we look down on people when it comes to drug addiction?

All in all, there are roughly 5 different methods of drug administration. Swallowing, snorting, smoking, inhaling, and injecting. These are the most common ways that people take drugs. Each way has a slightly different effect.

There are also individuals out there who engage in suppository drug administration, also known as “boofing”. This is when drugs are administered through the anus.

Ways People Get High

Ways People Get High

Swallowing or ingesting is the most common form of drug intake. Overall, this is viewed as the safest method of drug administration. When a drug is taken orally, it passes through the stomach and is absorbed into the bloodstream. This allows the body enough time to digest the drug. The physical and mental effects of the drug typically take longer to feel when taking drugs orally.


Smoking drugs is probably the next most common form of drug intake. Smoking allows the effects of the drug to be felt immediately, as the smoke goes directly into the lungs, allowing it to enter the bloodstream faster. The most commonly smoked drugs are marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin, and opium.

With the rise of the opiate epidemic, it is much more common for people to smoke pills such as percocet or oxycontin. Smoking drugs can have a great effect on the lungs and mouth and can lead to cancer, stroke, heart disease, bronchitis, and pneumonia just to name a few.

Snorting Drugs

Snorting drugs also makes you feel the effects much quicker. Our nasal cavities are filled with tiny blood vessels that allow the drug to be absorbed much faster. Most powder drugs are snorted. This includes cocaine, heroin, and other opiates that come in pill form.

Prolonged snorting can lead to all sorts of nasal problems including loss of smell, nosebleeds, and a runny nose. People who snort drugs for a prolonged period of time are also at risk of creating a hole between the nasal cavity and the septum

Injecting Drugs – IV Drugs

Injecting also known as shooting up, is the fastest way to feel a drug’s effects. Directly injecting drugs into the bloodstream causes you to feel the effects within seconds. Commonly injected or IV drugs include heroin, prescription medications, meth, and cocaine.

Those who regularly inject drugs are at risk of skin infections, sores, and ruptured veins.


Inhaling drugs is a cheap way to get high, as many household chemicals can be inhaled. Inhaling drugs is known on the street as ‘huffing’ and is extremely dangerous.

Commonly inhaled substances include paint thinner, aerosol sprays, and pretty much anything found under the kitchen sink. These chemicals are not fit for human consumption and can quickly lead to poisoning and death.

How To Prevent Drug Abuse

How To Prevent Drug Abuse

The easiest way to prevent drug abuse is through education. Self-education is very important as well. You are not going to be able to help someone if you don’t understand exactly what they are going through. It’s easy to tell somebody they should get sober.

If you don’t have any sort of knowledge on addiction, you most likely aren’t going to be listened to. This is why so many individuals in recovery work in treatment centers and engage others in group settings. People struggling with addiction are most likely going to listen to others who have been in their place before and have experienced addiction.

Treatment for drug abuse is not just about getting somebody off of drugs. It’s about getting to the root cause of their addiction more than anything. Most people who are addicted to drugs didn’t get there randomly or on a whim.

Many individuals turn to drugs as a coping mechanism for whatever internal struggles they are dealing with. Counseling is one of the fundamental aspects of any treatment program.

Drug addiction is treatable, and it is also very preventable. If there were more emphasis on drug education, it may deter younger individuals from engaging in drug abuse.

Because there is still such a stigma surrounding addiction, a lot of people would rather not talk about it. A lot of people assume it won’t affect their lives either. We all most likely know someone in our lives who has struggled with substance abuse.

The stereotype of drug addicts all being homeless people or criminals is completely untrue. Your neighbor or family member could be suffering.

If you educate yourself and others, you may be able to prevent or help someone choose the righteous path of sobriety and into the light of their own recovery, a truly worthwhile accomplishment!