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San Francisco, CA – Drug, Alcohol, and Treatment Resources

Drug, Alcohol, and Treatment Resources in San Francisco, CA

If you know someone who is suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, or you are the one with this issue, it is best to seek treatment quickly. There are a variety of treatment centers and resources in San Francisco, CA, especially since it is an urban city.

Addiction happens, even to what you may think are the best of people. It strikes at any time with many people unaware they are also conflicted. It is essential that the victim, or people helping them, are going to take this addiction issue seriously.

Individuals struggling with addiction need a supportive team that is going to help them break free of their cycle of substance abuse. After treatment, the individual will be able to return to their happy, regular, and healthy lives once again, and come out as a new person.

Drug and Alcohol Resources in San Francisco, California

Fortunately, there are a variety of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in San Francisco. This makes it easier for people to seek out treatment, and this also means that the individuals will have a lot more options to choose from that is going to fit their lives.

Each situation is different, so finding the right treatment is beneficial in that the individual will have a higher likelihood of success.

There are currently 37 different drugs and alcohol rehabilitation, counseling, and support centers operating in San Francisco. Some of these facilities are going to offer a variety of inpatient treatment as well to those who qualify, while others serve only outpatient situations.

If you search, there are even centers that can offer inpatient and outpatient treatment, providing options every step of your recovery process.

Each center decides to focus on how they want to rehabilitate their patients. Some focus on detox, and others offer more extended programs. No matter which center you choose to go to, there are going to be some basic features that you will get:

  • Counseling
  • Therapy
  • Support

If the addiction is serious, such as opioid addiction, then sometimes medication will be considered to get the patient through the process. The medication will help those suffering from typical addiction symptoms, albeit withdrawal symptoms when they are trying to quit. The prescribed medications will help relieve some of the stress, anxiety, and cravings.

San Francisco Drug Abuse Statistics

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, know that you are not alone in this. Many people of various backgrounds, ages, and economic status can succumb to addiction and substance abuse.

In San Francisco alone, 166,000 residents entered alcohol or drug treatment programs in 2017. About 8% of those cases dealt with alcohol, 4% with heroin, and 3% crack/cocaine. The remainder had issues with other drugs.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction and dependency usually are attached to a variety of undiagnosed mental health problems. Individuals end up resorting to substance abuse because they are currently struggling with deeper issues, such as depression, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, and many other mental health issues.

A study was done to see how this phenomenon affected teenagers, and it suggests that about 60% of teenagers are in treatment due to their alcohol or substance abuse. And they end up in these situations more likely when the center finds out about their underlying mental health issues.

In San Francisco, a lot of people are being enrolled in treatment programs. All ages and races are affected by this. The number of male admissions for alcohol abuse was 76.5%, while 23.5% for women.

Heroin hits men with a 67.9% admission rate, and women had a 32.1% rate. With other drugs, such as methamphetamine, White patients were admitted at 35.6%, and African-Americans were admitted at 20.5%.

Many of the accepted are homeless individuals, adding another weight they have to carry. Others are institutionalized in a jail or prison, and the rest are living independently.

San Francisco Recovery Meeting Near Me

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation are not always residential or inpatient. Many are used in the format as outpatient care. Support meeting and groups can be thoughtfully put together to help those that are struggling with quitting their addiction.

When these meetings are regularly attending, the likelihood of the patient being able to recover and stop their addiction improves drastically. Even if you need extra support, you can visit a support group every day if you choose to do so.

Support groups are not all the same, as each is led by a different mediator, and will consist of a variety of personalities and backgrounds. However, being able to talk about your problems in a non-judging environment is necessary for you to heal.

You may need to try out different support groups to find one that clicks with you and makes you feel comfortable. Some groups focus on drug addictions, while others are going to focus more on alcohol abuse.

Some may even include both, as substance abuse is not an isolated event. Each group is going to have their philosophies on how to get to recovery. Therefore, it is essential that you find a group that aligns with your beliefs so you can successfully quit this bad habit.

As you may know, alcohol abuse support groups are usually referred to as Alcohol Anonymous groups. Many of these meetings can be found around the local areas of San Francisco. To find a group that is right for you, you are going to want to search up a directory.

Searching online is the fastest way to do this. The best site to look into would be the San Francisco Resource Connect. The site provides a comprehensive list of AA meetings in or around your area. SA Resource connect many sessions in public places, such as libraries and churches.

If your specific situation deals with drugs, rest assured that there are resources available to you as well when it comes to receiving support. Narcotics Anonymous meetings are happening daily in San Francisco as well. Sites like “addiction resource” or “San Francisco Narcotics Anonymous” are great places to start looking for meeting places, dates, and times.

Even the people close to the one afflicted with addiction will suffer as well. They lose precious time with the victim or become harmed by the user who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you are supporting someone struggling with their addiction, you are also viable in getting support as well. Many groups in San Francisco can offer services to families and friends of patients with addictions. Below are some examples of centers that provide support and treatment in San Francisco.

  • Dee’s House Treatment – Women over 30: This is a residential treatment center for women over 30 years of age that are also battling with alcohol abuse. It was created to provide a safe, healing home only for women. The staff is well-trained in providing support and assistance to women so they can make a full recovery from their addiction.
  • The Scott Private Luxury Rehab -Worldwide: This is an inpatient rehab center that offers a variety of services for alcohol and drug abuse, couples treatment, and family treatment.
  • Forward Recovery detox: This center offers drug and alcohol detoxification services. They have this in an inpatient and outpatient format. They even have options to help you get through your mental health problems, reducing the chances of one having a relapse.
  • Ignite Teen Treatment: Like the name of this center suggests, it focuses on working with the youth in recovering from their addictions.

Outpatient VS. Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in San Francisco

There are pros and cons of these types of treatment setups. It is essential to consider the condition the member is before deciding which route to take. Both can help the individual break free from their addiction, but only one of them will work the absolute best for that individual.

Considering outpatient treatments, the client can come and go as they please. They are not bound to stay at one center and can continue with their healthy lives while adding in the necessary meetings.

It is also the cheaper option of the two treatments. The patient will have to get to the center on their own for support and counseling. Then they can leave to go about their day, such as heading to work or taking care of their family. Outpatient services can be very successful when the individual follows through with their check-ups.

Inpatient treatment requires the client to stay at one center for an extended period of time. The individual is given a place to eat and sleep as they are given a more hands-on approach for their recovery process.

It is more intense, and pricer that outpatient treatments, but boasts a higher rate of success when the individual is fully immersed in a substance-free and supportive environment.

Final Thoughts

Many centers in San Francisco are going to help you or someone you know quit their drug or alcohol addiction. Choosing the right treatment and support groups are going to increase the chances of success, which is the desired end goal. If substance abuse has crept up into your life in any way, do not be afraid to reach out to your community.

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