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Sacramento, CA – Drug, Alcohol, and Treatment Resources

Drug, Alcohol, and Treatment Resources in Sacramento, CA

Someone you know could be suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, or maybe it is even you. Whoever is going through this hard point in life should seek professional treatment immediately.

There are many treatment centers and resources in Sacramento, California. Addiction can happen to anyone, even when you least expect it. It strikes at any time with many people left unaware that they have been conflicted.

It is essential that the individual suffering from addiction and dependence to alcohol or drugs are going to take their situation seriously. People struggling with addiction need a supportive team that will help them break away from the cycle of consuming harmful substances.

After treatment, the individual will be able to return to their happy and healthy lives once again and come out a stronger person.

Drug and Alcohol Resources in SAC, California

Thankfully, there are many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in SAC. This makes it easier for individuals to find a treatment that will be right for them — each person’s situation in why they ended up abusing substances.

So finding the proper treatment is helpful in that the individuals will have a higher chance of success.

There are currently over 25 drug and alcohol rehabilitation, support, and counseling centers operating in Sacramento. Some of these centers are going to offer a variety of inpatient treatment to those who need it.

Others serve only an outpatient situation. If you search, which is easier to do today because of the internet, there are even centers that can offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment. These centers were built to provide options for every step of your recovery.

Each facility decides to focus on how they want to rehabilitate their clients. Some centers will offer long-term programs, while others focus on detoxifications. No matter which facility you decide to go to, there will be some basic features that all of the centers have to provide:

  • Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Support

If the addiction is a bit challenging, such as opioid addiction, then medication will be introduced to the client to help them get through the tough withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

The medication will help those suffering from harsh addiction symptoms by giving them a chance to quit. The prescribed medicine will also help relieve some of the anxiety, stress, and fear that rises when trying to live an addiction-free life.

Drug Abuse Statistics 

If an individual is struggling with addiction, it is essential for them to know that they are not alone in this fight. Many people of different ages, backgrounds, and economic status can succumb to the pitfalls of substance abuse and addiction.

In this county alone, there have been many cases of opioid overdoses since 2010. The number of people that are admitted to the hospitals or treatment centers has risen because of the increased number of people overdosing on opiates.

There were many reasons why there was a spike in the past years. Firstly, doctors were overprescribing painkillers to their patients. When they already took the required amount for their condition, the patients kept taking the opiates because it started to become addictive because of its chemical properties.

The other reason because there were drug dealers out on the street selling opiates.

The number of deaths from drug abuse has increased drastically over the years in the county. Back in 2000, there were 6.49 deaths per 100,000 people, while in 2007, there were 15.41 deaths per 100,000 people.

There was a strong correlation made with the number of increased deaths with the rise of drug use in the county. Support centers and educating the population about the drugs will decrease the number of people using drugs.

Back in 2000, 26.3 percent of treatment admissions were related to methamphetamine. The other drug-related admissions were for the following:

  • 1% marijuana
  • 5% other drugs
  • 6% heroin
  • 2% alcohol
  • 4% cocaine

Substance abuse does not discriminate when it comes to age or race. Anyone can be affected by alcohol and drugs, even babies. However, because of the makeup of the population in California, White patients make up 45.6 percent of the admission cases.

African-American and Hispanics follow behind at 24.5 and 21.5 percent, respectively. Other racial groups not mentioned make up the last 8.6 percent. Almost half of the admitted patients are adults between the ages of 25-44. The other half is made up of the admitted teens 17 and younger.

This county has formed many rehabilitation centers with outpatient and inpatient programs to help their population.

Recovery Meetings Near Me

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers are not always inpatient or residential. Many are in the format of outpatient care. Support groups and meetings can be carefully crafted together to help individuals that are struggling with quitting their dependency and addiction.

When the individual can attend their group meeting regularly, the chances of them being able to recover from their addiction improves substantially. If the individual is someone who needs extra support, they can visit a meeting every day of the week if they want.

Support groups are not all the same, as each one is made with people of different personalities and backgrounds. However, being able to discuss your issues in a judge-free environment is essential if the individual wants to heal quickly.

They may need to try to find one that clicks with them and makes them feel safe and comfortable. Some groups focus on drug abuse, while others are going to focus more on alcohol abuse.

Some meetings can accommodate both substance abuse, as substance abuse is not always a single attack. Every group is going to have their philosophies on how to take your recovery process.

Support groups can go by many names, but there are a few names that most try to stick with so that it can be easily accessible for many. You might have heard of some alcohol abuse support groups are referred to as Alcohol Anonymous.

Many of these groups can be found around the local areas in the county. To find a group that is going to be the right fit, individuals will have to search in a directory. Searching online is the fastest and best way to do this. A few sites to look into to get started are the following:

  • 211Sacramento
  • DHS.SACCounty
  • SACCounty
  • AASacramento
  • AddictionResource

These sites are going to provide the individual with a comprehensive list of treatment centers and AA groups around your area. Many of these meeting groups will be taken place in public areas, such as churches and the local library.

If one’s situation falls along the lines of drug abuse, there are plenty of resources available to them as well. Narcotics Anonymous is what most groups dealing with drug abuse are referred to as. They provide support daily in SAC. Some sites to look into are here:

  • AddictionResource
  • SacramentoNA

These are some great sites to get started in looking for more information about support group meetings, places, times, and dates.

Support centers are not only for the individual affected with addiction, but they are also used by family and friends that are close to the individual. These close people to substance abuse lose quality time or are harmed themselves because the individual was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

If you are supporting someone struggling with their addiction and dependence, you are also viable to get support as well. Maybe you are the only person giving support, which can put a toll on your health as well.

Thus, it is essential that everyone involved is getting the help they need, so recovery is adequate. Many groups in SAC will be able to extend their services to close friends and family of patients with addictions. Below are some examples of centers that provide treatment and support in SAC.

  • D’AMore Healthcare Dual
  • Diagnosis/Substance Abuse
  • Miramar Substance Abuse/Dual Diagnosis Program
  • Valley Recovery of California
  • Bayside Marin
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Program/Azure Acres Recover
  • Diamond House Detox and Recovery
  • Cedar Point Detox, Residential & Outpatient
  • Towns Health Services

Inpatient VS. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in SAC

There are positives with these types of treatment programs. It is crucial to consider the condition in which you or someone you know is in before deciding. Both can help the individual break free from their addiction, but only one of them will provide the quickest and most effective results.

Inpatient treatment requires patients to stay at a center for an extended period. The individual is given a place to eat and sleep as they experience a more hands-on approach to their recovery process. It is more intense and expensive than outpatient care, but it has a high rate of success as it is a full immersion program.

With outpatient treatment programs, the patient can come and go to the center for checkups as they please. As long as they make it to the center on the days that are set, the individual can live out their healthy lives, like taking care of their family or going to work.

Outpatient services can be very successful, and they are more affordable. As long as the individual takes the initiative to continue to seek treatment and support, they will be able to end their addiction.

Final Thoughts

Plenty of centers in SAC are going to help the individual end their drug or alcohol addiction. Choosing the proper treatment and support groups will be able to increase their chances of success. If substance abuse has crept up into your life or someone you know, look towards your community to find a way out.

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