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National Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Many people from the northeast seeking substance abuse treatment choose The Discovery House over rehab centers in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and other east coast states. There are good reasons for this.

Rehab centers are not all the same. Choosing location over effective, meaningful care is an error many people make, at the expense of true recovery from drugs and alcohol. Often families will choose a drug and alcohol rehab center close to home, thinking this is a good thing. Unfortunately, it may not be.

Why choose a rehab center in California when you live in New Jersey or other northeast states?

Yes, a California rehab center is a long way from New York and Pennsylvania.

It is important to remember that recovery of the addict and alcoholic is taking place in a series of phases and steps. The core residential treatment program is often more effective when there is some separation from the usual surroundings.

People from the northeast who receive care in our addiction treatment facility find being separated from social groups or influences that promote drug and alcohol use is a huge benefit. Being away from hometown bars, neighborhood liquor stores, and drug dealers, or friends who encourage the drug and alcohol use is critical for those in treatment.

We have flown residents to our sunny California location from all parts of the country, including New York and Pennsylvania, to take part in our successful residential rehab program.

Lengths of stay in residential treatment at The Discovery House vary, depending on the individual. Residential treatment length starts at 30 days, and but will be extended according to what is best for the resident’s recovery.

Residents receive behavioral and psychological therapy in both groups and in private counseling sessions. Supportive therapies in the nutrition, creativity, and physical health are key components of the residential program.

The Discovery House is one of only 6% of the drug and alcohol rehab centers that are accredited by The Joint Commission. Accreditation assures that patients are receiving the absolute best care following very stringent standards.

The Discovery House meets or exceeds the Joint Commission’s standard of 3:1 counselor-resident ratios, not something you will always find in rehab centers in New York and Pennsylvania. Many of those seeking recovery have also turned to The Discovery House for a positive geographic change at our comfortable, homelike drug and alcohol center.

The Discovery House team has provided successful treatment to individuals from many states on the east coast, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Connecticut. During and after their stay at our beautiful and residential rehab center they confirm that distance helped them during treatment. They were able to focus more fully on getting better. They had time to examine closely what led to the substance abuse, and then create relapse tools.

Family care is important at The Discovery House

Family members back east still need support, and we’ll make sure that distance won’t matter. The Discovery House family therapy team coordinates family care, even when loved ones remain behind in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or other parts of the northeast.

Our therapists create a specialized treatment plan that includes family members back home. We use other means of communication to provide education, therapy, and case management support.

The Discovery House strives to be a home away from home, with a warm environment that promotes healthy recovery.

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