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Avoid Jail Time with DUI Sentencing Alternatives

The Discovery House offers resources for residents who have been arrested for DUI. Our treatment center provides drunk driving rehab, and our staff connects residents with professionals who can help with DUI sentencing alternatives.

Drunk driving incidences are becoming more common, with more than 40% of fatal motor vehicular accidents being caused by drunk driving. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 2008, 11,773 deaths occurred as the result of alcohol-related driving accidents, and about 33% of all drunk driving accidents in the U.S. are caused by repeat offenders.

DUI Sentencing Alternatives

At The Discovery House, we know that DUI offenders often have limited options when it comes to sentencing and jail time. We also know that alcoholism is a disease that completely takes over a person’s life, causing them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. When it comes time to find DUI treatment, The Discovery House offers valuable services, including alternative sentencing programs.

When someone has been accused of DUI, they face jail time. Depending on the judge and the court, it is often possible for the person to enter DUI rehab as an alternative to prison sentencing. In order for the accused to find DUI sentencing alternatives, they need the help of professionals who have experience with drunk driving cases.

The Discovery House works with an addiction specialist and court liaison that has experience working with families, attorneys, and courts to find alternatives to jail time for DUI offenders. Our specialist helps residents through the assessment, placement, and court appearances related to California DUI convictions.

Addiction Treatment Instead of Jail Time

Statistics show that treatment for an alcohol abuse problem is more effective than jail time. In order to help residents overcome their alcohol abuse and alcoholism, The Discovery House offers a comprehensive DUI treatment program. We help individuals get clean and learn how to manage stress and triggers so that they can maintain a sober life. Our DUI counseling program helps drunk driving offenders get their lives back on track so that they do not find themselves in court for DUI again.

The Discovery House offers all the services residents need to deal with a DUI. Our services include DUI counseling, sentencing alternatives programs, and drunk driving treatment. If you or a loved one is in need of help for DUI, contact The Discovery House today. Our prompt assistance can help you find DUI sentencing alternatives, and help you get back to your life.

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