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Treatment for Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate withdrawal can be an uncomfortable experience, but one that is definitely manageable. Opiates can quickly develop into a mental and physical dependence, causing users to want more. When the drug is stopped, the body can experience pain and discomfort, which can sometimes trigger relapse. In order for a person to really recover from opiates, they must go through opiate withdrawal treatment at the best drug and alcohol treatment centers, such as The Discovery House.

Opiates are drugs derived from the poppy plant that are commonly used as painkillers. Heroin, morphine, oxycodone, Percocet and codeine are common opiates that are abused. These drugs act on areas of the central nervous system, causing sleepiness, numbness and pleasure or contentment. When withdrawing from opiates, an individual will experience aches and pains, much like flu symptoms. They may also suffer from fever, shaking and chills. While the symptoms of opiate withdrawal are not usually life threatening, they are uncomfortable, and many addicts give up and take more drugs to make the symptoms go away.

Opiate Withdrawal Treatment

Opiate withdrawal treatment in our luxury rehab facilitie is an effective way to help someone with an opiate addiction learn to function without their drug and live a clean life. The Discovery House, a drug alcohol treatment center in Los Angeles, offers a sub-acute detox program that guides residents through the difficult task of cleansing their body of the drug. When an individual wants to give up and use again, our Certified Counseling staff is here 24 hours a day to provide support and encouragement and help the person find ways to get through the temptation to use. Our therapists use a variety of methods during residential and outpatient treatment to help residents prepare for a drug-free life. Our opiate treatment options are tailored to meet each individual’s needs, so that they can experience complete recovery in all aspects of their life. In our opiate addiction treatment programs, we use methods such as Yoga therapy and Mindfulness group to restore balance of the body and mind.

Treatment for Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate withdrawal cannot happen without determination and a strong support system. The Discovery House offers treatment for opiate withdrawal in order to get individuals past the difficult sub-acute detox phase and on to residential or outpatient treatment. We continue to work with residents as long as necessary to prevent relapse, through our opiate addiction treatment program and our alumni program. We welcome families into our therapy programs in order to create a support system around the resident and help rebuild family relationships that have been damaged by addiction. The Discovery House has found that by treating the family as an integral unit, undivided progress is sustainable.

Don’t let an opiate addiction control your life any longer. If you or a loved one is addicted to opiates or any other substance, contact us today to learn about our different treatment options at our long term treatment centers for addiction. Recovery is possible. Contact us today 818.452.1676

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