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Opiate Treatment Centers

The Discovery House’s private, home-like environment provides a calm, relaxing setting in which to recover from addiction. Our opiate drug alcohol treatment center is located in Southern California near Los Angeles and serves residents from across the country.

Our opiate addiction treatment center staff welcomes residents into our luxury rehab facilities, which are newly remodeled with state-of-the-art amenities such as a flat screen TV in each bedroom, a private chef and gym equipment. We provide our inpatient guests with comfortable rooms that feel like home and can make transitioning to residential treatment easier.

Not only is our opiate treatment center a luxurious and beautiful place to recover, our addiction professionals, therapists and counselors understand the process of recovery and bring a vast spectrum of knowledge to the treatment process. Our therapists and staff are professional, experienced and compassionate to the needs of our residents. We provide opiate addiction treatment that consists of withdrawal treatment, inpatient therapy and outpatient care. We also offer a long term care option and encourage residents to take part in our strong alumni program to help prevent relapse.  At The Discovery House we give our residents the tools to achieve lifelong sobriety and create new lives filled with meaning, purpose, fulfillment and a sense of belonging.

Opiate Treatment Centers

When residents enter our long term treatment centers for addiction, they may be going through detox from their drug. During this challenging time, our therapists monitor the resident closely and provide coaching and support through the temptations to use that are pulling at the individual. We use behavioral therapy methods to help individuals overcome the triggers to use, and group therapy sessions help residents work through issues that have contributed to addiction. Yoga and nutrition therapy help residents replace their drug use with positive, healthy behaviors and help residents sustain motivation to maintain their sobriety once treatment is complete.

Our addiction treatment programs use a combination of treatment techniques that all work together to help residents achieve their recovery goals. We use a resident-based approach which ensures each individual is being treated with a plan that is right for them. We give residents opiate treatment options that allow them to have input in their own recovery plan. Each individual is fully assessed at the beginning of treatment and throughout the recovery process, in order to provide the best care to residents at a pace that is right for them.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Centers

Opiate addiction controls lives and can be difficult to overcome. The best drug and alcohol treatment centers can help an individual safely withdraw from their substance and develop the tools necessary to put the addiction behind them for good. The Discovery House is a fully licensed, accredited facility that provides the very best care for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse disorders.

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